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If you are a Business Owner or Entrepreneur, you should know that Social Media is no longer an optional Tool for Promoting your Work and Attracting Clients. Small and Medium Businesses, Start-Ups, Multinational Corporations, Everyone is using Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc. to Engage and Communicate with Current and Potential Customers and Stakeholders.


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We, at Tweet Angels, have heard many Business people say they run their Social Media Accounts themselves. Still, although they try it for some time, it doesn’t take them long to realize that the Results they get are Minimal, Compared to their Expectations. To Help Entrepreneurs understand the Value of having someone take care of these Online Platforms, we have decided to make a list of the Top Reasons why You should be Hiring a Social Media Manager:

  • Many of the Entrepreneurs we have met consider that Handling their Social Media Accounts Themselves helps them Save Money. Still, what They Should Consider is that, as a Business Owner, you are the Most Important Resource You Have, so Each Minute you spend working has the Utmost Value. By Hiring a Social Media Manager, you Win Time which you may later use to Network with Clients and Meet Relevant Partners, Enhance Operational Issues, find Investors etc.
  • Social Media Accounts should be Consistently Updated. You Can’t Afford to Post every Couple of Days, or spend Weeks without Posting Anything, because you are Busy with other Aspects of the Business. An Outdated Social Media Profile turns People off and Makes them Lose Trust in Your Business.
  • Of course, as the Person who Created the Business, you often find Yourself Knowing more about the Operations, the Trade Secrets etc. than anyone else. While this is, indeed, fair, the Question you need to ask Yourself is “Do I also Know how to Communicate all the things that Differentiate my Business?”. A Good Social Media Marketer has the Gift of Expressing Business Ideas and Advantages in a Conversational Manner, making them Appealing to the Audience. A Conversational Style of Writing makes People Engage with Brands on Social Media, Share their Posts, Comment on them etc.
  • The Expert who Handles Social Media for your Company should be Prompt. These Professionals Dedicate their Time to Providing Quality Content and Answers to the Brand’s Followers. Social Media is all about the Sense of Urgency – Real-Time Marketing. Online Users ask Questions on Facebook and Twitter, they post Complaints or Praise Brands. Everything they put out there Requires Timely Replies and Reactions.
  • Social Media Managers do More than just post Facebook and Twitter updates. They Interact with the other Departments to understand the Brand, they create Compelling Dedicated Campaigns to help Reach the Company’s Business Goals. They also set Metrics to Assess the Campaigns, Measure the Results and Take Action Accordingly. Social Media Managers Engage individually with Followers in the Brand’s Name, they Monitor Trending Topics and Use them to Reach more People.
  • Social Media Managers have Experience in Using the Proper Tools to Attract the Audience you Target, they Know the Algorithms, how to bring more Views to your Page and Increase Engagement. It’s their Job to understand the Trends, the Latest Gimmicks and Use them to the Brand’s Advantage.

Handling your Social Media Accounts is not something that you or someone from your Team can do on the Side. It is a Full-Time job, with Responsibilities, which needs Dedicated people, to Ensure Relevant Results. Hiring a Social Media Manager will Help you gain more Clients and Increase Your Awareness. Still, if Hiring Someone is not an Option, but You still Require Professional Help, the Tweet Angels Experts may provide you with Social Media Management Services, which will Ensure you have a Consistent, Efficient Strategy which is Carefully Implemented and which Helps you gain Warm Leads.

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