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You cannot ‘whing’ the social media game. Businesses today are investing billions of dollars in research and development into uncovering what works on the different platforms available to them. More than half of the world’s population uses social media, but a fair few of them are not ‘active’ users. The reasons may vary, but having… Read more »

Few music streaming platforms can provide great value for money. Spotify is one of the best options available to businesses in the music industry. Whether you run a company, are an artist, or simply want to listen to great music, Spotify can prove the right platform for marketing. As an artist or company, growing the… Read more »

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms out there today. Over the past few years, the site built a strong presence, targeting teens and youngsters as their main audience. Gradually, the platform managed to attract the attention of businesses. Today, almost every brand worth its salt has a presence on the platform…. Read more »

Almost every brand out there is on social media. Yet, most of them are unable to generate the following or presence they desire. The level of competition is high. After all, every day, hundreds of brands are establishing an online presence. Therefore, the number of rivals you have to compete with is constantly on the… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Buying Instagram Followers Instagram is one of the biggest social networks among the lot, and it is mainly because of the 1 billion plus users that it hosts. The app that runs on photos is home to over 2 million advertisers, and many millions of influencers that use the platform to… Read more »

In the early days of social media, blogging used to be a mere hobby, which people used to voice their personal opinions, record their experiences, and also educate people. Over the passage of time, the boom in social networking and the increase in the number of internet users has caused blogging to evolve into more… Read more »

LinkedIn is the number one social network for jobs and professional industries, and it boasts more than 500 million users, making it a very popular social network. Most people find their jobs from the social network, while many companies and recruiters use it to find competent candidates for their key positions. Most of the major… Read more »

We are living in the digital age, where almost everything can be done using computers or the internet. Because of the advent of social media, new horizons have opened up for people, especially bloggers who post content of a specific niche and accumulate hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of followers. Ever since Facebook hit… Read more »

First the world came across Vine, then, and now there is TikTok. With the former two now shut down and merged with TikTok respectively, TikTok remains the only undisputed ruler in the short video sharing platform market. Brands can buy LinkedIn followers or hire any professional social media marketing company to reach their audience,… Read more »

Whether you scroll down your Facebook feed, talk to a friend, or turn on the news, there will be one more brand hit by some kind of a social media crisis. In other words, brands are starting to get hit by social media disasters every now and then. But does that mean that brands are… Read more »

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