As we know, when it comes to social media, the numbers don’t lie. Or, do they? Actually, when it comes to social media the numbers don’t lie as well as your authentic engagement. In terms of targeted social media marketing it is extremely important to know who your audience is. With this, you must first… Read more »

As we know by now, social media is like the seasons. Except, unlike changing every 3 months, it pretty much changes constantly. Through every new feed, like, comment, trending hashtag, news story, world-wide event, and other algorithm-altering scenario’s, social media trends alter day by day. As social media marketing consultants have said, to be successful,… Read more »

What would we do without Juno, Clark, and Ludwig? No, we are not talking about the high school friends you used to cause mayhem with, we are talking about the Instagram filters that make us believe in a little bit of social magic. The best performing Instagram filters can truly create magic for your Instagram… Read more »

It creeped up on us like a zombie dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, I am talking about one of the trendiest trends that stuck around like butter on bread – hashtags! Hashtags are the not-so-new method to describe a photo, article, or videos in the world of social networking. Basically, hashtags are everyone’s simple… Read more »

When it comes to social competition and brand development, the numbers never lie. Therefore, it has become a trend to “buy” active followers across every platform. From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram, the talk about ‘buying’ followers is nothing new. Yet, many are unaware as to what the benefits are and why should… Read more »

Great minds have brought about the amazing creations that became known as social media. These creations are different platforms—each with their own focus and benefits—on which people can engage with each other for many reasons. It’s generally accepted that targeted social media marketing is vital for companies to succeed in today’s society. So which ones… Read more »

With millions of people using social media on a daily basis, there is virtually no limit to how many people think they are credible social media marketing experts. Some of these do possess the insight, creativity and willingness for hard work that are essential for a social media marketing consultant, but the vast majority are… Read more »

One of the biggest concerns among businesses is how to manage their social media presence. You can use your in-house marketing personnel in an effort to save some dollars, but they may not possess the specialized knowledge necessary to produce significant results. Because third party social media agencies possess the expertise to raise your online… Read more »

  In 2017, social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are established fixtures of the modern social landscape. Billions of people and businesses use these social media platforms to communicate, entertain and make sales, so it is only natural that they are at the forefront of digital innovation. There a wide variety of new technologies… Read more »

  The global insurance industry manages assets in excess of $4.55 trillion, and the total number of social media users in the world is poised to top 2 billion.  It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that these two sectors should have a lot to offer one another.  If the insurance industry could utilize the… Read more »

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