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No, there’s no need to follow back your new followers unless you want to.
Yes it’s 100% safe.
Yes, and you should. Our prices are the best in the industry and our Guarantee is unmatched. You can charge your clients more, then order from us. We also have a great Affiliate program where you can earn commission. Click the link in the Footer.
All orders take 04-48 Hours to Process. All weekly Follower orders take 1-2 Days to Activate. It is normal for the Auto Likes to be setup first and then the Followers will start to come in. We start the orders the day it actually starts not the day you ordered so you will always get everything you paid for. We also are counting the followers, not the days for your order to ensure you end up where you need to be. Please email us your Username and how you want your Auto Likes distributed if you did not include it in your Order Notes, otherwise we use the best recommendation we see suited for you. (Ex: 100 Likes for the Next 40 Photos, etc.) For Targeted Orders/Social Management you will get a Questionnaire in your provided email with the next steps and asking for your Targeted Information.
PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE YOUR USERNAME ONCE YOU MAKE AN ORDER. YOUR ACCOUNT MUST REMAIN ON PUBLIC AT ALL TIMES. IT CANNOT BE PRIVATE. It will delay the process and cause problems with your delivery. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]. Due to high volumes, sometimes orders get delayed and take longer then the Delivery Time Stated on the Product Cards. Please keep in mind we are working as fast as we can to ensure you get your order and everything you paid for! Sending us an email and waiting for a response is the best way to reach us if nobody is available on the phone. Thank you!
Yes, 100% confidential. We will never make public that you acquired followers from us or any other details.
Yes, you will get 100% of your money back if we don’t deliver the number of followers you purchased.
TweetAngels uses custom built machine learning algorithms to get the attention of Targeted Users (*if you buy our Targeted Followers) on all Social Media Profiles and get them to follow you without you having to follow them. We have the ability to Target by multiple Keywords, Industries, and locations to get the right people to follow your profiles.
Every service differs in Delivery Time. On Every Price Card it shows the Delivery time of the service. Some orders will be added within One day and others are a Drip Feed Process so growth happens everyday.

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Weekly Instagram Followers

There’s no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there today. It’s used globally by companies, brands, and celebrities every day. It’s simplicity in design and use is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. Users can easily upload an image and video with a quick caption and hashtags without much fuss, unlike with other social media platforms that aren’t always mobile friendly.

But, we know what you’re thinking. How can your business stand out when there are 95 million pictures and videos being shared per day? The answer is easy. You need to get more Instagram followers and to step up your photo game.

Instagram marketingis all about creating style and an aesthetic feel with your posts. Once you decide what look and feel you’re going for with your Instagram profile then you can concentrate on how frequently you’re going to post and what photos you’re going to use. Everything from color palettes, fonts, filters, and hashtags should be cohesive and make your profile look uniform without being too bland.

Now, not every user or marketer is a photography expert, and that’s okay. Following a few composition rules like using a solid background for product photos and providing extra space at the top and bottom of a photo for text are key to getting more likes on a photo.

Once you’ve established your content strategy it’s time to decide when the best time to post your photos is. Morning? Noon? Late-afternoon? That all depends on your audience. Take a look at your insights and see when you get the most engagement. Once you know that you can then focus on how many times a day or week you want to share photos or videos with your audience. Remember, you don’t want to bombard your audience with meaningless photos just to get your photos seen. Quality is always better than quantity.

So you’ve got your strategy down, you’re sharing beautiful, high quality photos but you’re only getting a handful of likes and follows. What are you to do now? It’s extremely important to have a profile with a quality number of followers. Without followers your hard work will go unseen. Your profile is probably in need of an Instagram follower increasebut you may not be sure how exactly to get that increase.

When your hard work is not paying off it may be time to look into our services. With TweetAngels you can buy instagram followers for competitive prices. We offer three budget-friendly packages that’ll get you the followers you need to increase your Instagram presence. These followers are 100% active and will improve your credibility and get you the likes your photos deserve.

Still not sure that you need to “buy” Instagram followers? Let us ask you a few questions.

  • Are you spending hours snapping photos, editing them, adding text, choosing the right font colors and sizes and still not getting enough likes on your photos?
  • Do you spend time following users, commenting on their photos, and still aren’t getting follow backs?
  • Is your Instagram profile aesthetically pleasing but lacks the following to appreciate it?
  • Does your Instagram profile lack the amount of likes and followers your competitors have?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then it may be time to ask us for help. Buying Instagram followers has a domino effect. Once your profile is seen as a popular profile to follow others will start following as soon as they see your photos and check out what else you have to offer.

No one saidInstagram marketing was easy but with our help your work will get noticed, get liked, and get followed by active Instagram profiles. Stop wasting time trying to figure out what your doing wrong. Go to our website, choose a package that’s right for you, and watch as your Instagram account flourishes.