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Instagram started as a fun app for kids, but now it is one of the most creative and elegant social media platforms to market any product and services. It includes serious content marketing, networking, selling, and even audience building. Having more than 200 million active users who share about 60 million images and even more than 1.6 billion likes in a day, Instagram has become a place to increase customer base effectively.

If we talk about Twitter, then it is also a powerful platform to increase a business’s reach online. What one needs is to stand out and a large pool of customers is waiting for your product or service. The more active followers on twitter you have, the more chances are there for you to grow your business rapidly.

Making account on these platforms doesn’t require much effort, but when you’re doing it for a commercial purpose, then it isn’t easy to get the followers quickly and become famous. One way to do this is buy daily Instagram likes.


Let’s talk about this in deep and checkout some effective ways to increase followers on Instagram and Twitter.


  1. 1. Be inventive with hashtagging: Hashtags are a kind of caption that one can use with his/her post to get the attention of the users. When you want to be unique, you need to do something distinctive like creating your own hashtag. Try to be funny, ironic or even outrageous and you are all set to make your post popular. Just remember that a boring or obvious hashtag would never get the response you desire, so be creative with what you’re posting.


  1. 2. Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag: So, you have created an amazing hashtag, now what? The next step is to grab any opportunity you get to spread it. Not just online, but even offline you should market your hashtag. You can even get it printed on your receipts, signage, print ads, etc. and even make people aware about it in a business event you are attending. If radio or TV is your thing, then these offer an amazing way to direct people to use your hashtag. You can’t just sit after creating a good hashtag and hope that people will find it on their own; no, not at all, you have to make efforts for it.



  1. 3. Take part in immensely popular conversations: When you are commenting on any post related to your product or services, you should use your own hashtag, so that people would know that you’re also there in the field. A company or product-specific keyword is similar to a long-tail keyword and display more intent. This eventually helps the businesses in finding the right people to target. Don’t forget to use the universally trending hashtags like #instagood, #photooftheday, #followback, #followfriday, etc. Hashtag and the people make the perfect combination that you need to go big and noisy on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. 4. Utilize your bio effectively: Just linking your bio to your website isn’t enough and you need to be a bit more creative with it. You should keep changing your bio at least twice in a week so that people actually click on your bio and increase traffic on your site.



  1. 5. Be expressive with your captions: Although, a picture is worth a thousand words, but you can’t compromise with the words. If you are following National Geographic’s Instagram page, then you know how good they are at using story telling alongside their Insta photos. We can’t forget that NatGeo has over 50 million followers and this is because of their creative content.


  1. 6. Follow the tips of influencer marketing: You should visit the profiles of people you have identified as influencers and their post shouldn’t go unnoticed by you. You should try interacting with them and earn their trust and become their favorite.


  1. 7. Develop your own unique style: On this planet, people want to fit on, but on social media, they want to stand out. For example, the Indian beverage brand Frooti has its own distinctive style of advertising and one can recognize its content instantly, whenever they see it.


So, I hope now you know how to be on top of social media. Apart from this you also need a social media management expert who can help you in gaining active followers on twitter or to buy daily Instagram likes. You can find one online at Tweet Angels.

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