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You can’t deny the fact that Snapchat is like that red-headed step-child whom everyone loves to hate. It’s entertaining, it’s fun and sometimes, we don’t like it because it doesn’t allow saving chats.

But in the world of social media, Snapchat is one of the most important platforms when it comes to marketing. For any personal brand and any business, it is a very invaluable tool that offers growth opportunities. Other social media networks are very authentic and doesn’t allow one to be natural and candid all the time.

Though Snapchat provides an amazing way to showcase products and services, the fact that you need to be more natural actually kills the marketing thing. There are currently more than 178 million active Snapchat Followers and, on an average, they spend more than half an hour on this app on a daily basis. The number of times, the user opens this app is about 25 times. You might think that in comparison to Instagram’s 800 million active users, Snapchat won’t be able to grab that much attention, but that’s not at all true.

The fact is that is Snapchat can’t be Instagram, then even Instagram can’t be Snapchat. You can definitely take advantage of Snapchat for personal branding and business and for that you need to have enough Snapchat followers.

Here are a few tips for you:

  1. 1. First of all you should target your existing connections and contact. This is the easiest way to increase the number of Snapchat followers, as these people are already connected to you personally. When you’ll download Snapchat, it’ll ask you to access your contact list and from there you can send request to all those who already have a Snapchat account. After sending requests, you just have to sit and relax and wait for your friends and family to accept it. The best part is that these followers will never unfollow you and would always be a loyal target.

  1. Also, the existing followers of your account on any other platform should be next in your list. Just spread the news everywhere about your new Snapchat profile and you are all set to have some new followers.

  1. 2. You can also share QR code with the potential Snapchat followers. Don’t forget to design a creative graphic with your snapcode and share it on social media. You know that to gain followers on Snapchat, you need to market your account wherever possible. The best mediums are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is just the perfect way to promote your account, as not all but some of your followers would surely be present on these social media platforms. Your snapcode is available in the app only in the profile section, just generate it and save the image. A snapcode with a beautiful graphic is very attractive to the users. For graphics, you can utilize the app bitmoji and canva. These are very easy to use and would surely bring you some amazing results.

  1. 3. Third way to gain Snapchat followers is to send e-mail to potential ones. You can email your current subscribers that they have an opportunity to earn by bringing in more people.

  1. 4. Creating viral content is also an amazing way to reach the potential followers. You must not forget that Snapchat is a highly engaging platform and people around the world spend some good amount of time on this app. To capture the attention, you must have some innovative content that just doesn’t allow people to leave without watching. It’s true that with competition everywhere, it’s difficult to find something that is unique and creative, but that’s what social media is all about; finding out ways to stand out wherever possible. The only benefit snapchat allows is creating graphical images with apps like Bitmoji. You can tell stories or create advertisement with this. Have a virtual avatar for your brand and start marketing. Slowly and steadily more and more Snapchat followers will come. Bitmoji comes with so many augmented reality features that exploring it will be limitless. For example, if you are marketing your hotdog shop, then why not create a dancing hotdog.

  1. 5.You can also try giveaways. Who doesn’t love giveaways, we all do, and free things have a very big impact on increasing the sales. For example, create a game or online event on Snapchat in which the winner will get to earn 100$ and you’ll be surprised to see how many people would eagerly take part in it and how effectively this will increase your number of Snapchat followers.

We hope now you know where you need to start and how to follow the steps towards the better marketing of your product or service.

If you need the help of the experts, then our team can help you with that. Our professionals at Tweet Angels would surely let you win the Snapchat race. Contact us now.

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