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Instagram, one of the largest social medias in the world, with over a following of 700 million people can easily be named one of the best social medias for content marketing. This beneficial, phenomenal, and aesthetically beautiful social media platform came from humble beginnings, then later became one of the best platforms for visual marketing.


Following the success of social media came an increase in photo editing software’s, scheduling apps, and for businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands, marketing software. With that said, if you are an influencer, a brand, an entrepreneur, or a simple at home mom desiring to start a cooking blog through Instagram, marketing software’s are the must-have tools and apps on your phone. The many benefits of marketing software include:


  • Easy to market towards specific audiences.
  • Increases your chances of generating leads.
  • More chances of reaching more active Instagram followers.
  • Increases your chances of reaching more organic followers.
  • Keep track of your follower’s statistics and information.
  • Queue posts for uploading.
  • Edit your photos appropriately

Now, these benefits are only some of the many highlights that these apps carry. It is important to test out each individual marketing tool to get a better feel for them and which one is right for you.


Instagram Software Programs (Social Media Management, Photo Editing, and more!)


  1. Later

Born in the city of Vancouver, Later is every Instagramer’s dream app as far as scheduling and organizing your posts. If you are seeking an app that makes it effortless for you to keep track of your visual content, Later’s many benefits will help you better plan out your week ahead for posting on Instagram. Later allows you to sync photos from your desktop, Drive, or Dropbox, create groups, and index visual content for future reference labels.

You can preview your posts with the visual Instagram Planner through the drag and drop feature to create consistent aesthetically pleasing feeds. With later, you can either utilize the free version which allows you many benefits for starting Instagramer’s and brands, or the paid version for more in-depth features and optimization. Curate the perfect content and keep up through Later’s analytics to better track and optimize your posts.

  1. Buffer

If you desire a social media management platform that not only works effortlessly with Instagram, Buffer is the app for you so you can better schedule and keep track of your visual content over multiple social medias; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. With Buffer, you receive a one-stop-shop for scheduling posts, tracking performance, and managing multiple accounts.

You can quickly and easily schedule your social media posts for later and Buffer will automatically publish them. You can schedule content as you discover it, whether you are on the go on the beaches of the Bahamas, or surfing the web at the comfort of your home, you can swiftly schedule content using your mobile apps or browser extensions. Best of all, you can analyze the performance of your visual content and posts across all of your social medias. This is easily one of the best social media management tools out there.

  1. Afterlight

Afterlight, as with many phenomenal Instagram visual content editing tools, is filled with a plethora of photo editing software and filters. However, Afterlight is extremely straightforward and simple, making it an easy to use social media editing app across all platforms. This simple design paired with powerful and useful tools will easily become your go-to photo editing app.

With 15 adjustment tools, 59 filter, and 66 textures, Afterlight makes it easy for you to edit your photos and achieve the visual content style your Instagram feed requires. With this, you can easily generate more active Instagram followers that will quickly be drawn to your visual content.

  1. Snapseed

If you are desire one of the cleanest user-interfaces alongside a plethora of photo editing software that some may call, “the most powerful tool photo editing tool kit”, Snapseed is it. This Google photo editing app makes it easy to master and create the most precise photo edits possible. Alongside a wide range of editing options, you can also make curve adjustments and edit select areas of your photos.

  1. VSCO

No Instagram marketing list would be complete with VSCO. Without question, it is the most popular photo editing and sharing app out there. This one-stop-shop for many up-and-coming Instagram marketers makes it easy to visually create and adjust virtually any photo Unlike many other photo editing apps, this one has options that entertain for days without end, as well as beneficial photo editing tools only premiere editing software’s use.

These gorgeous filters are without question, some of the best. The lite version includes a wide array of filters. However, you can individually purchase photo packs or a bundle as a whole.

  1. Over

This typography-based photo editing app, without question is essential for social media management, influencers, marketers, brands, and entrepreneurs looking to showcase beautiful text on their feed. With this you can create simple and sleek texts, custom logos, and quality quotes that showcase your brand’s own personal style. This ability makes it extremely useful for Instagram marketers to highlight their latest social media content, promotional work, or simply communicate something witty to their audience.

  1. Repost

Repost is an incredible useful and popular Instagram based app that not many people talk about. It is the hidden gem of the app world, allowing you to re-post and share content from accounts you love. For businesses, it is the must-have tool if you are looking to share user-generated content from followers and fans to create generate more active Instagram followers and website leads. With this app, a brand, entrepreneur, or business can repost what they love and share from their favorite accounts.

Instagram Is Influencer, Brand, and Business App of 2017 Into 2018

Without a doubt, Instagram is only getting bigger and bigger. With this massive growth comes massive potential to develop your dream business or career while easily and effectively reaching a large target audience. However, to better manage and market your business, there are numerous highly beneficial Instagram marketing apps that allow for the easy creation, editing, and marketing of much of your content; allotting for your time to be used elsewhere on your business. With that said, we have only uncovered 7 of these highly useful apps!

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