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The environment that is social media is a vast world of opportunities for businesses, influencers, marketers, and brands. The thriving market is getting bigger by the year with Instagram reaching above 700 million active Instagram users and about 300 million active Twitter followers. With that, there is a vast array of opportunities for starting brands to grow into global empires. However, this massive growth is all depending on the amount of quality spent on your brand and business.

When starting out, it will be quiet tempting to go down the rabbit hole of pointless action and wasted time. Therefore, we will introduce you and your starting brand to the two social media marketing tips that will save you time and money. Let us begin with the many mistakes Instagram and Twitter brands make when marketing.

Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Online


  1. Only tweeting promotional content incessantly will surely drive your active twitter followers out of your profile with no hopes of coming back. Find a balance between tweeting promotionally and tweeting to your active twitter followers.
  2. Overusing hashtags can lead to social suicide on Twitter. Overusing hashtags, other than being ugly, makes your content very hard to read. Use hashtags when necessary and only a few of them.
  3. Automating your direct messages, other than being incredible impersonal also are considered a bit “spammy.” Although, controversial, many brands have mentioned that automating messages gives them last chances of building a bond with their users.
  4. Forgetting to use the @ sign when Tweeting someone means you actually never “connected” with them. When using the @ symbol, the person you are mentioning will receive a notification.
  5. Leaving your profile empty can surely negative the opportunity for more active twitter users. Of course, as a brand it is important to take the time to create an elegant and appealing profile.


  1. No link in your business’s Instagram followers means less ROI. With a link, you can directly drive traffic to your website which means increased website traffic, more active Instagram followers, and more social media exposure.
  2. Continually posting duplicate photos will surely cause followers to jump ship instead of sailing with your business. It sometimes is better to post nothing, than to repost the same content.
  3. Not responding to your Instagram active users promptly enough sends a message that you are not interested in the message of your users. With that, Instagram user engagement is key to developing a successful social media strategy and ensuring your content is reposted and liked.
  4. Misusing hashtags can lead to many disastrous Instagram account management results. For example, make it memorable, do not only hashtag your brand name, they have to be relevant, and keep them short and simple. Otherwise, hashtags become a pointless method to advertise your content.

Social Media Tips for Better ROI

These tips are dedicated to not only offer a few tips but also prove return on investment, according to


  1. Before You Begin an Ad Campaign, Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

Instagram, being a mobile social media with many of its user interface options only available on mobile means that almost of all of the users on social media use it on some type of mobile device, such as cellphone or tablet. Therefore, it is essential that your website is optimized for mobile devices. Better yet, creating a landing page to converting visitors into leads secures that they will have an easy experience when visiting your website.

  1. Track Direct Conversions and View-Through Attribution

Direct conversations are click-based actions tracks when the user clicks on your ad or a link. However, a view-through attribution tracks conversation that occur within the 30-day cycle of a user seeing your ad but not taking direct action. It is important to track both in order to accurately measure the value your Instagram campaign is bringing to your website.

  1. Align Your Ad Objective with Your Content and Marketing

It is important that out of the eight brand objectives you can chose from for Instagram through Facebooks advertising tool, that you keep in mind the content, text, photo, and goal of that objective. In order to drive more customers, create an ad that is specific for Instagram that is visually appealing and has your objective in mind.


  1. Utilize Target Definition Tools

Thanks to the many customizable options for Twitter Ad campaigns, you can easily achieve more Twitter leads and active twitter followers by honing in on a specific customer persona. You can create lists with everything customized from gender to geographic location, hobbies, devices, and marketing industry. This will allow you to test your audience and see which social circle responds to your Twitter marketing ad the best.

  1. Engage with Other Brands and Users Content For Better Twitter Engagement

Essentially, constantly marketing and putting out ads will not always ensure active Twitter followers following you. When you respond to others content, there is a more probable chance that they will respond and engage with your content. With that, we are moving towards an age where brands are developing more emotional and creative content that “moves” their followers. Connected with them is the extra step between more followers and not.

  1. Know Your Peak Hours

This Twitter ROI tip goes without question as being incredible crucial and important. Knowing your peak hours requires a level of knowledge about your audience. For example, if your audience is college students that are awake between 7pm and 11pm, it is best to test your ad during this time as well as including sometime to retweet their content, share, post, and engage with your followers. Knowing your peak hours means your finances are being utilized for maximum exposure.

Return on Investment Through Knowledge

An online platform or brand can now achieve more unprecedented success than ever before, only if the proper steps are taken to ensure ROI. These tips ensure that no time will be wasted, and all financial investments are met with more than the equivalent.

A successful ad campaign on Instagram or Twitter can enhance your business, lead to more followers, and ensure many long-time customers. Therefore, it is key to implement these tips in a way that secures your spot on the two social medias where competition is fierce, and the market is ever-changing.

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