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As we know by now, social media is like the seasons. Except, unlike changing every 3 months, it pretty much changes constantly. Through every new feed, like, comment, trending hashtag, news story, world-wide event, and other algorithm-altering scenario’s, social media trends alter day by day. As social media marketing consultants have said, to be successful, you must know what is happening each season.

It is utterly important that your brand stays up to date with the latest news, product releases, and trending moments. Although these minor changes do add up, through the year, social media trends alter drastically creating a whole new dynamic and platform in which businesses create and product content.

Therefore, it is vital to always be on top of the best social media trends. Social media marketing consultants believe that every business should be aware of the trends and changes or they might fall behind.

Since it is 2017, we are here to bring you the best social media trends for businesses this year so that you can stay ahead.

1. The Power of Going Live For Your Targeted Instagram Followers

When it comes to one of the trendiest trends of this year that every single social media platform has jumped on is: going live. The fear of missing out (FOMO) has created an environment of people that are desiring instant and in the moment gratification.

With this said, the going live feature has become widely successful across all social media platforms. A little bit of history about going live: it’s nothing new. Going live was first introduced on YouTube in 2011 but it never quiet caught on. Facebook then jumped on the bandwagon years later, then Instagram and finally Twitter.

With the power to hold interviews in the moment, have motivational in the moment conversations, and launch a product right then and there, going live has become a world-wide sensation in the year 2017.

With this said, it is going nowhere and the world of in the” NOW” is happening, right now. Therefore, businesses are utilizing this method to unveil their products and showcase events.

Take the Microsoft for example, to unveil the new Xbox, the Xbox One X, they went live on Instagram where you could hands on watch exactly what was going on with Microsoft and the future of Xbox. Going live is here to stay and you better jump on board. This is the perfect opportunity and route to connect with your targeted Instagram followers.

2. Tired of Twitter & Tweeting

The incoming death of Twitter has been widely recognized for years. With social media marketing consultants and numerous entrepreneurs predicting the downfall of Twitter, it is without a doubt that the Twitter trend is slowing down. In fact, social media marketing consultants and experts show statistics showing the decay of Twitter and the rise of Facebook as the king of social media.

The reason for this is because the once novice idea of having bite-sized information constantly fed to you is now transforming to users desiring slower and more detailed information.

They may want it slower and more detailed but still now. This trend has been taking wind in other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The barrage of information that would once be fed to you though incoming and outgoing tweets is now changing and bringing with it, a new trend – Twitter fatigue.

3. A Richer and Fuller Experience Is on The Rise

With the power of social media allowing you to feel emerged in an experience as you sit in your living room, it is without a doubt that users are desiring a more interactive and richer experience.

What would once be okay, a simple sentence about your day or an event is no longer enough. Your targeted Instagram followers want more! Users are desiring 260 degree videos and images and companies, businesses and other users to go live. They want live stories, in-the-moment videos and photos, and they want it right now.

It is no longer enough to simply post, you must post your experience as thorough as possible for others to feel immersed in it. This created a more dynamic and user-friendly experience – the experience of being in the event that is being posted. The reason for this is because social media is attempting to connect humans on a more diverse and personal level.

4. No Longer Is Practical and Emotional Trendy – Time for Inspirational and Imaginative

When we think of a newspaper and their marketing strategy we think, practical and emotional. This was the method that newspapers and news outlets would use to create a stir within a certain community or attract people attention. With this in mind, the practical and emotional trend method of posting is out the door.

When it comes to targeted social media marketing, users want pretty, imaginative and inspirational. With the rise of filters, editing apps, and augmented reality, users are wanting an experience that is unlike any other.

Users are leaning towards beautiful images attached with powerful sentiments that stir inspiration and value. With this in mind, although news outlets continue to pour fear as an emotional strategy, users are looking past this trend and leaning towards more imaginative, inspirational, and unique methods of news, advertisement, and marketing.

5. Commerce Businesses Are Becoming Conscience & Social

With the rise of ‘conscience business’ making headway among businesses, you can expect businesses in 2017 to be more social and customer oriented. With this said, their goal is to increase sales through interaction, not just targeted social media marketing.

Consumers are desiring a more authentic and human experience over their computers. The days of constantly bombarding a user with no avail are dying as competition increased and users become more knowledgeable about social media. Consumers are utilizing different social media platforms and methods to find out about trends, products and services and in turn, they desire a more user-based experience.

With this, the rise of chat-bots across all social media platforms and companies is becoming quite popular. As a way to integrate a human-like experience on their website, different companies are utilizing chat-bots to answer user’s questions and concerns instantaneously.

From Social Media Marketing Consultants to Active Social Media Followers

Every year brings with it new opportunities and ways to transform yourself and your brand. If you do not stay with the crowd and the changing time, you can place a safe bet that you will fall behind. Don’t be like Vine and soon Twitter, grow with your users, consumers, and customers as well as the latest trends and you will always have both feet in the door of brand recognition and opportunity. Every trend is an opportunity for you to grow your business and your active social media followers like never before.

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