What would we do without Juno, Clark, and Ludwig? No, we are not talking about the high school friends you used to cause mayhem with, we are talking about the Instagram filters that make us believe in a little bit of social magic. The best performing Instagram filters can truly create magic for your Instagram brand. One of the best steps in creating a profitable and successful Instagram account with proper Instagram account management is knowing which Instagram filters are a match to your brand as well as perform the best among the Instagram community. With that said, let’s dive into the top 5 best performing Instagram filters.

Know Your Brand, Know Your Active Instagram Followers

Before you get Instagram filter happy it is important to map a couple of things out before you begin to post five times a day. Improper Instagram filter use can result in many hours of wasted efforts that makes your brand look ‘off’. As a result, you end up in square one. Let’s start with the basics of proper Instagram account management:

1.  What is your Instagram about?

If you are a nature based photography business then a more vibrant filter may be suitable – without editing the photo too much. If you are a décor website, you might want to use a calming filter with warmer tones.

2.  What style feed are you going for?

Make sure your feed is synonymous with your brand. Create a palette of colors that you can stick too and find a filter that best matches that palette.

3.  Study your hashtags and competition.

Do basic searchers of the hashtags you plan to use with your photos and see what other people’s photos look like. Notice the filters they are using as well as their photo styles. Also, take note of the top trending photos within your category and take notice of what filters those photos are using. With that said, is important to note that your theme will change throughout time, as does any brand. Therefore, keep in mind that the trends you are using now, are constantly changing.

Top 5 Best Performing Instagram Filters

1. Clarendon

Clarendon tops the list as the most used Instagram filter because of one benefit – simplicity. Clarendon is a simple filter without the excessive and outlandish editing. Clarendon tops the list due to its all-purpose filter method that only deepens shadows and makes colors slightly more intense. Also, on the Instagram automatic filters list it comes right after ‘Normal’. Basically, it is the second filter to pop up. Maybe people prefer it because it is effective, simple, and easy to find. Either way, it tops the chart at #1 according to many active Instagram followers and users.

2. Gingham

If you are photographing antique wedding dresses or record players, this is the filter for your brand. Alongside the many antique items, you can photograph, this filter is perfect for the brand looking for a simple, refined, and washed out look. This is a fan-favorite filter among vintage-effect lovers that want a photo with low vibrancy and warmer tones. Perfect for #flatlays, #sunsets, and warm images, Gingham comes in at spot #2. Fun fact: Gingham comes after Clarendon on the Instagram Filter List.

3. Juno

If you discover yourself in the #artistic district of New York City or the urban neighborhoods of California and you want a filter that pops and get you noticed with your active Instagram followers, Juno is the one for you. Known as a fan favorite among #photographylovers, Juno is a filter for brands that dominate their feed with warm hues. Known to brighten and color-intensify warm tones, Juno adds richness and flare to shots you desire to brighten.

4. Lark

Unlike Juno, Lark is the opposite of a warm color intensifier. Lark is known to be a phenomenal filter for the Instagram community of #nature and #earthy photo lovers. Lark brightens and intensifies colors while keeping a cool feel without washing out the photo completely. The reason for this cool effect is because it does not intensify red. Create a cool and calming photo feed with Lark!

5. Ludwig

A perfect Instagram filter for the lover of contrast photography is Ludwig. Ludwig is known to be a fan-favorite-filter among #architecture lovers. This filter intensifies warm tones such as yellow, red, and orange slightly while adding shadows and highlights to the areas that need it most. In return, your #street is heightened to a level that competes with some of the best photographers in the game.

6. Valencia

Every Instagram user knows the name Valencia – don’t you? Whether you heard it in the famous song #selfie by The Chainsmokers or you use Instagram a lot, we are pretty sure every human has at one point posted a photo with the Valencia filter. This filter is easily one of the most widely-suggested filters among Instagram users because of the creamy hue that it gives your photos. By adding a slight highlight and intensifying your yellows and orange tones, this filter will create a creamy feel to any photo. Perfect for #portraits or any photo you want an enhanced warm tone.

A Hashtag (#) Note To Take With You

When it comes to hashtaging your photography, many Instagram users will search for a filter directly and, in turn, they are flooded with a stream of photos with the filter they have searched. Therefore, study the game of Instagram filters and take note of which brands that are like yours are using specific Instagram filters. Then, periodically in photos and videos that you post include the name of the filter. This will cause you to pop up with images with the same filter, and your soon-to-be fans will be able to see your brand. With that being said, always keep in mind who your weekly Instagram followers are and what filters they are using. It may take an extra minute or two to see; however, the more you study your followers, the more you can produce photos that they will love. Note: If you do not use a filter you can hashtag – ‘#nofilter’    
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