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As social networks evolve, we become more able to integrate them, and then we can get the best out of them. A perfect SM strategy should include a YouTube channel, why? Well, YouTube channels have great rate of growth, as people share your videos with friends, who doesn’t have time for a short video. We’ll give you some tips so you can manage your YouTube channels without problems:

  1. Use the Fan Finder: It’s the new tool from YouTube. Very simple to use and it will show ads about your videos on other people’s videos. This way has proven that, if done right, it will lead tons of people to your Channel.
  2. Create Original Content: It is very significant that you don’t plagiarize or copycat the videos from others, this will just make you a bad reputation.If you create your own things and explode your own ideas, it’s more likely to get the attention you want for your channel.
  3. Trending Topics are your ally’s: When you are making your video, make sure you check what is people talking about and feature it in your videos. Now share your videos and be seen all over the world and get as many fans as possible.
  4. Be Yourself: it may be the most trilled piece of advice used by mankind since the beginning of time, but if you want to be famous then you have to be yourself. Don’t imitate how others YouTubers talk, the way they dress, or the body language they use. They are just being themselves and that’s what made them famous.
  5. Be consistent: you must do this. You have to take the time to make your videos become popular, it takes a lot of effort if you want to make a three minutes long video and actually it can take you weeks, so set up your video schedule and try to keep it, this way your fans will know when to look for new videos from you.

These tips we are giving you may seem confusing and even scaring but if you do them then youll be able to build a nice and big YouTube channel. Extra tip: Check out the services we have for your YouTube account, we can drive thousands of people to watch and actually liking and sharing your videos.

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