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Being responsible of a web community like a Facebook page or a Twitter account is something that must be boarded with care, a bad management of these and you may grow a bad reputation on-line which can be troublesome for your business.


Here’s a great and simple advice for starters:

You must adapt to the situation

As a community manager, is not as simple as posting on Facebook or Twitter two or three times a day, there’s a lot of things that involves Social Media management that sets de difference not only on the ways you approach to it but in the amazing results you get.

  1.  You  must be ableto adapt to the needs of your community:
    • Be a leader: You must be able to guide your community, answer their questions and offer all the guidance they may need.
    • Moderate:  You must be vigilant about the rules of your community and take the actions needed in case of a violation to the rules.
    • Look for “your people”: You’re the responsible of letting the company or yourself know what kind of people are into the product you have. Finding “your people” makes the SM management even more simple and effective that it usually is.


  1. Managing the unavoidable: Criticism.  You have to be professional, the complaints aren’t against you, so you must not take them personally, and we’re all going to get one of this in some point. So, when this happens take a deep breath and follow this simple steps:
    • Determine if the complains are valid if they are complaining you need to corroborate their complaints and then report it to your superiors.
    • Determine if it needs to be answered.
    • Respond if necessary in a good tone, trying to be as friendly as possible.

Remember that if people criticize you is because they care about the brand. Resolving complaints will make your community grow stronger.

  1. Interact with the members of your community:  If you don’t interact with them, they will never know that you’re available at any time and for anything they need.
    • Be polite, don’t push the interaction:  Asking questions or “Fill in the blank [       ]” posts are great to initiate interactions.
    • Share links in a way it doesn’t look spamming. There’s nothing worse than spamming links to your website every day, it will scare your followers away like you were some kind of creepy ghost.

If you follow these recommendations then you’ll be able to manage your communities in a more efficient a professional way.

If you ever need growing your community a lot bigger or if you are starting from zero, then we have the solutions you need.


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