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Over the years the way we utilize social media has transformed in an amazing way and it is breaking records year after year. Because of this, marketers are now being creative with their marketing strategies and trying their best to use the media for business benefits. Although, there are many social media platforms now which the businesses can use for marketing purposes, but Facebook was and is still going to be their first choice.

You can’t deny the fact that Facebook is an absolute staple in every digital marketing strategy and in this blog, we are going to explore some arguments which support this.


  1. 1. One can’t just ignore Facebook: On Facebook, there are monthly more than 2.07 billion users and this makes it the largest social media network in existence. As per the surveys, there are about 1.37 billion people who check out their Facebook account as soon as they wake up. This presents an amazing opportunity for businesses to reach the maximum number of potential customers around the world. Through Facebook fan page management or ad banners, businesses are active 24 x 7 and taking leverage of this platform that actually shapes the opinions of the people. If you are still not taking advantage of being on Facebook, then you are missing a lot.


  1. 2. It is very versatile: You know that platforms like Linkedin and Instagram are helping in B2B marketing with their visual features, but Facebook is a bit different from them. On Facebook marketing just makes complete sense when you want to target audience in a particular section. You can make use of this platform for local businesses and stores, even create a fan page yourself or become an influencer. This helps in creating brand awareness and converting audiences and visitors into customers.


  1. 3. You can target the audience in a better way: As a business, you want to reach the biggest audience and this is only possible with audience targeting tools like Facebook. Here you can only find the perfect consumers. Online you can choose from core audience based on age or location, lookalike audience in which you utilize the data of your existing customers or select a custom audience by uploading a contact list on Facebook.


  1. 4. Social media recommendations offer various business benefits: About 44% of the people around the world say that their shopping decisions are affected by Facebook. Not just seeing ads and suggestions influence the shopping pattern of the users, but even other customers who promote a particular brand online affect the buying decision of other Facebook users. This implies that your satisfied customers could be your micro-influencers and act as a brand ambassador on an online platform.


  1. 5. Analytics is very powerful: For native analytics, one can easily rely on Facebook. When a business is marketing here, there is no need to invest in other costly analytics tools. Also, with impressive insights Facebook allows the users to get an overview of valuable data like the output of organic research, paid marketing, unlikes and likes, and more. The results can be viewed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, thus it is easier for the businesses on Facebook to keep a check on their growth over time. With such exclusive data in your hands, you can even find out which post gained your popularity and which ads worked the way you expected.


  1. 6. You have various ad options: About 93% of the social media advertisers are using Facebook ads and there is a good reason behind it. The audience targeting capabilities it offers, allows the businesses to reach the most relevant customers. Additionally, one can get the content displayed in an array of available formats. Doesn’t matter if you are selling physical goods or want to promote your affiliate program, you can get a refined target market on Facebook. If we talk about the current scenario, then there are 6 ad formats and 3 main objectives with a few sub-categories. Also, you can use people’s appetite for videos on this platform by offering then-new ad videos or just creative videos on a regular basis.

There’s no doubt that more and more social media platforms are emerging online, but no one can ever replace Facebook. It is the most cost-effective marketing option; thus one must not ignore it.

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