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It’s very known that twitter, the micro-blogging site has become one of the most popular social networks to promote yourself as a professional or a business(besides Linked In), but this is more complicated than it looks like.

To successfully grow a twitter community of die-hard followers (those followers that will love your tweets and will actually be your customers) it requires a lot of hard work and we can give you some tips so you can make it a little bit easier.

  • Balance: As we have said before on other articles, you have to balance the content you post, not every post should be about your products/services, in fact it is more important the interaction you make with your followers, we’ll get to that later.
  • Content: to keep your followers interested in your tweets and basically in you, you have to post really good content that may be important for your followers.  It is better if can help them to solve a daily life problem, like “how to dry-clean  stains from carpets” people love stuff like that.
  •  Double check: Every time you are going to share a link, you should click on it before posting it so you can be sure that it works and your followers won’t be disappointed.
  • Get involved: This may be the most important tips you can get. In twitter it is all about communication, you have to interact with your followers, you may as well follow them after they follow you so they know you worry about what they have to say and will be easier for you to establish communication.
  • Tweet outside the box: Tweeter is about conversations and one of the best things you can do is to follow people from outside your field of work, by doing this, you make the conversation more interesting with a lot of different points of view.
  • Make questions: This is an excellent way to start a dialogue. Once dialogue has started a “snow ball” effect will keep it growing.


These tips will surely put your twitter profile on you potential customers radar, and that is all we want, to get known.

An extra tip you may  want tofollow is buying follwers. By doing this you increase your exposure on twitter, remember, more followers equals to more exposure and more customers.

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