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LinkedIn may not be the most attractive of social networks but it is the most important, at least for professionals.

For 2013 LinkedIn had a total of 277 million of members and with a growth of 35% last year it’s a really good choice if you are looking to revalue yourself as a professional or revalorize your business.

LinkedIn can be considered as a business card exchange network. It’s made for you to connect with other people and let them know about your business or about what you do.
With this in mind you could say that this is the social network that suits in the best way for business people and professionals, but do you need to connect with everyone? Or you just need to connect with the right people? It is about Quality VS Quantity

By quantity we mean literal quantity, if you sell things, then you might want to have a large group of connections which will lead to more potential customers.

Quantity Advantages:

  • Fast growth in exposure of your business.
  • More potential customers.
  • High volume in connections can represent lots of business deals.
  • More advertising.
  • More visits to your site.

1By quality connections we’re talking about having the right costumers, this method may interest you if you are willing to distribute your products/services to specific customers like big franchises or big retail stores.


  • Better reputation.
  • Most likely to appear on search results
  • Better business deals
  • Larger sales.
  • Better engagement of customers.


There is no perfect way to develop your connections and relationships on LinkedIn, you have to adopt the method that suits better the nature of your business and costumers; As said, if you own a store then you might consider having high volume of connections, but if you are a distributor then it’s maybe the best to consider to build fewer but strongest connections with a little more of target.

We know that this seems a little complicated, this is where advice number three kicks is: Buying connections can make your business grow really fast and get the advertisement and exposure your business need.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be whiling to guide you through this process offering you the best deals along the way.

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