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With a community of more than 200 million users, Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social networks, and just last November they have introduced an ad system to their platform! Now, that’s a great place to find a lot of costumers! But, how do you make the best out of your Instagram account? Well we’ll give you some useful tips.

1)    Balance: It is important that you balance your postings, not everything can be about your products, you have to make your followers identify to your brand, show its “personality” this way your followers won’t get bored and stop following you.

2)    Follow back: It is important that you build relationships with your costumers, that way you can get more exposure and then get more likes remember that the point of advertising your business via Instagram is to grow.

3)    Market your brand using trending hashtags: This way you can reach a bigger part of the Instagram community and that means more likes! For example if you are from Texas use #Texas, if you’re selling shoes tag #shoes and so on.

4)    Use your own hashtags: If your company uses a hashtag in any other social network, then you might as well use it on Instagram too. This way you generate more brand awareness while your followers constantly increase.

5)    Integrate: Integrate Facebook and Instagram so you can post media from one to another! This means that every time you post something to Instagram it will automatically appear on your Facebook profile, cool huh? 

6)    Engagement: After you’ve followed back your customers, show them some love by liking their pictures! It creates brand awareness, plus makes your brand seem as a “live” brand instead of just an outsider. 

7)    Buying Instagram Followers is a great way to increase your fan baseif you’re new to this platform. This way you can get very fast exposure and – of course – more customers.

We hope you’ll find these techniques useful! Stay tuned for a next newsletter full of Social Media expert tips!


Do you have any other tips? Let us know! We’ll make sure to include them in the next Instagram newsletter!

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