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Getting their Instagram or any other social media account verified is a dream come true for any small business. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a popular brand to get your account verified, but following some considerations are enough to get it done.

FAQs about Instagram verification

Apparently, there are some common questions you need to know about Instagram verification.

What does it indicate to get my account verified on Instagram?

Getting your account verified means that Instagram is convinced by what you say you are and what your brand does. Users will get the familiar “blue tick” next to their profile name.

Why is it important to get verified?

The impact verification has on your profile and brand is worth it for a couple of reasons. First, getting verified is hard, so the badge is considered worth an achievement. Second, verification is personally provided by the Instagram personnel, hence, providing you a solid reputation.

Does verification earn you money?

Answer is both, yes and no. rather, you can avail your verification badge in order to expand your followers and get new customers. Then starts the process of creating meaningful relationships with your audience through relevant, quality communication. Seemingly, new customers and additional conversions will translate into cash.

If you use your verified account with the right social media marketing strategy, there is no stopping your business from getting growth and success.

Who can apply to get verified?

In 2018, Instagram changed its verification policy and allowed everyone to apply for account verification. What was once exclusive for celebrities, public figures, and established companies is now open for small businesses and entrepreneurs too.

However, easier said than done, there are some considerations to get the verification.

According to Instagram, your brand or profile must indicate a well-known, highly searched person or an entity for verification. Fortunately, even if your account isn’t verified for whatever reason, you can buy IG followers from reliable sources to expand your business and acquire new customers.

What are the requirements to get an account verified?

According to Instagram, your account must comply with the platform’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines and prove your identity as the first step.

Your account must be Authentic, you should represent an actual brand or person; Unique, your account is the only account representing your brand, unless you have different language account running too; Complete, should be publicly accessible and contain your business bio, display picture, and at least a post; and Notable, representing a popular entity, brand or personality.

However, it is important to note that accounts can also get suspended or permanently deleted if the information provided is misleading or false in any way.

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