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With social media marketing getting stronger with each passing year, LinkedIn has been at the top of the list for helping businesses capture relevant leads. Jason Miller, in his book “The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn”, says that from 2010-2013, around 65% of companies acquired leads from LinkedIn.
While a staggering 93% of B2B marketers admitted that LinkedIn is the most powerful tool in generating tools for their businesses.
It doesn’t matter whether you buy LinkedIn connections or build them gradually. You need to know how exactly LinkedIn marketing helps your B2B business?

Offering the right target audience

Being a platform for the corporate folks, LinkedIn is the right tool to reach out your desired target audience. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, professionals and executives use LinkedIn to communicate and strengthen their brand image and recognition.
Your content has more chances of gaining visibility, as compared to Facebook’s algorithm which decides where to place your post in the news feed. Evidently, people using LinkedIn are more inclined to avail professional opportunities, hence, their attention is more reliable and promising.

Create a genuine reputation

LinkedIn is designed and operates in a way to help business communicate their accomplishments and efforts are a relevant way. People get and provide recommendations, share their success stories, market their brand, and connect with fellow industry professionals.
Since you have your target audience in the same platform, you can directly address them with your message, announcements, etc. In doing so, you’re actually positioning yourself as an authoritative figure in the industry, which further breeds into trust and a healthy, lasting relationship.

Maintain business relationships

It’s a great tool to share great content, make brand and event announcements, and participate in big communications to acquire a broader business perspective. Apparently, time is arguably the most precious commodity today, and LinkedIn knows that how to save your time and effort in making genuine connections.
Instead of scheduling tedious, long meetings and delivering presentations, community engagement activities can save you a great deal in time and effort.

Quality leads follow

As stated above, LinkedIn is a lead magnet, and according to Hubspot, businesses are 277% more likely that Twitter and Facebook to convert connections into successful leads. We do know that failing to work on a brand’s online reputation management could be destructive.
Therefore, it is advised to correctly optimize your company’s business listings through appropriate keywords related to the products and services you’re offering.


LinkedIn is the tool to scale and push your business in this competitive era. Moreover, you can also inspect the analytics to gauge your profile performance and brand engagement. And both startup and established businesses can buy LinkedIn connections to speed up their progress through this platform in a positive manner.

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