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The competition on Spotify has gradually been heating up recently, as the platform is streaming millions of songs created by talented artists. And as a Spotify user, you want your playlists to get viewed and played as frequently as possible.

As the platform is moving towards getting the reputation of a social media network, undoubtedly, many people and even brands are tempted by the idea of increasing their followers on Spotify.

Understand your listeners’ needs and preferences

If you are a core song creator, even then Spotify encourages you to think and act like an entrepreneur about your target audience. Today with immense success underlying in digital platforms, the more you promote your work in any profession, the more success you’ll enjoy.

Therefore, you must consider your followers’ interests and observe what kind of music they would like to listen. Start by narrowing down your target audience; besides your music, what other kinds of music they like; and what other genres you are interested in, even if you haven’t made any music in that category.

Map your marketing activities

As Brain Tracy, a well-known motivational speaker says, “Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution.” Pen down all the realistic ways through which you can increase the number of your Spotify followers.

Even if you plan to buy Spotify followers from a reliable source, break down every strategy in bite-sized chunks as doable tasks. Try one thing and observe the results, and then alter your strategy if things aren’t working.

Harness the power of social media platforms

To acquire a healthy followers list on Spotify, start using social media platforms. Create a professional page of your business with the relevant information included such as profile picture, bio, portfolio, and brand name.

Only post relevant content and try engaging with your audience. As your social media page starts to grow, start promoting your Spotify account over here to lure them there.

Find and register yourself at playlisting platforms

There are different websites and networks for content curators such as, Sound Plate, etc. that allow artists to promote their playlists. For example, you can use the “Playlist a Day” app available in the Play Store and Google Play, the app has collaborated with

Such platforms allow artists to upload their playlists and make new fans each day.

Market your playlist on Reddit

Not many people are aware, but Reddit has a special sub-category, Spotify Playlists, which conducts competitions on regular basis where best playlists are chosen as winners. You can start by associating your playlist with the “Spotify Playlists” subreddit. In doing so, you’re pulling quality organic traffic as Reddit is a top authority website on Google allowing your posts to go viral in no time.

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