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Facebook is the biggest social network nowadays with more than 1.3 billion users and a growing rate of 22% yearly, that’s a lot of people, and for marketers this is a great place to do some advertising and make your business as successful as you dreamed.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook owner) saw the endless possibilities that his creation had, and introduced an advertising system so business pages could find potential customers through the whole social network, but targeting only the persons that would really be interested on you/your brand.

So, how does Facebook ads work? This can be a bit complicated but with our guide you can do it a lot easier.

First of all, you have to set up the goals you intend to achieve with your Facebook ads campaigns. You may feel like it isn’t working if you don’t have in your mind what you’re chasing. Once you have done this the next step is to ask yourself which is the type of people you are trying to reach.

The second thing to do is to know the structure of a Facebook Ad campaign.

A Facebook ad campaign is divided in three levels:

  1. Campaign: this is your primary objective, for example, getting more traffic to your website or getting more followers on twitter. You can have as many campaigns as you like.
  2. Ad set: this is a group of ads that have the same targeting and bid type but with different images, videos and text.
  3. Ads: You can create as many of these as you like, and ad set can contain any number of ads. Ads can have the same targeting and objective, but you can specify different creative and bidding for each ad.

The system also optimizes the ad showing based on each ad performance so Facebook will only show the best performing ads.

Using this is an excellent way to grow your business over time.

Other solution to make your business bigger, is to buy targeted Facebook likes, we offer the best service of this kind and our results are a 100% real because we target our system in a very similar way as Facebook does. If you are interested you can check our Facebook services and decide which one suits better for you.

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