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Actors, singers, musicians and filmmakers are using the six seconds of fame featured in the Vine application to come forward and create a network of supporters who contribute to launch their careers .

And many believe that overcoming the challenge of presenting an original story in such a short time makes the true talent shine. While some say that this is going to fail, the virtues of Vine have not gone unnoticed by advertising agencies and some of the users are already receiving money from advertisers.

We have gone under some research and have found 6 key points to make yourself famous on vine. Keep reading and find out how to get millions of views.

  1. You have to invest time in making your videos: even  when  they are 6 seconds videos, making a good one can take some time, planning and effort. Famous Viners can take up to a day to make one good video. make your shots, see them and if something doesn’t feel right, change.
  2. Be consistent: it is a social network and if you want to keep the interest of your followers then you must post very often, if you don’t your followers will be drawn away by other Viners.
  3. Collaborate with others: Vine users in New York or LA tend to get together and talk about how to use the app in the best way. It is vital to make contact with world famous Viners.

You can get together with other starting Viners and make collaborations, this will make both fan bases grow

  1. Be funny: Keep in your mind that vine is a platform with one only purpose, comedy, if you want to get followers, you need to make funny videos, and other ways you won’t be able to stack up followers.
  2. Be original: You have to do your own things, if you start copying other people Vine, you’ll be abandoned by your followers, by not to mention that your account could get blocked so, don’t do it, be original and your followers will start coming.
  3. Be polite: It’s easy to make fun of other people, and you’ll surely make people laugh but that’s not what advertisers want, so keep in mind to not offend anyone in your videos.

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