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While we do our research looking for useful tips, we find some of them that are really of great advice when it comes to make the best out of your social media strategies. These are quite unique tips that most likely are going to make your reach and your engagement grow exponentially.

These tips aren’t   so easy to find so we have made a compilation so you have them in one only place. Keep reading and find out how to make the best out of your social media profiles.

  1. The most common mistake. Look at this tweet “@Guess is giving a 10% discount in every purchase of 3 items or more”. When we look at it, there’s nothing wrong, good grammar and a perfect tweet less than 140 chars, but what’s wrong with it? Well, when  you start a message with “@” only the followers that you have in common with that account will be able to see your tweets, but if you type a period before the “@” you’ll be able to reach all of your followers as well.  Your new tweet should be like this: “.@Guess is giving a 10% discount in every purchase of 3 items or more”.
  2. Keep an eye on those who share your contents. People that share your contents are likely to do it again and you must be willing to follow or like them. This is a good way to grow your followers. You can monitor these shares and mentions by simple searching for your username, particular hashtag that you use or even your site URL for those that aren’t mentioning you by name.
  3. Use your full adress. When running a local business SM profile,  you want your followers to check-in on FB. The first thing to do is to ensure that your page is registered as a local business, now if you type your full address, your customers can check-in on FB and this will surely grow your engagement.
  4.  Getting YouTube subscriber:. Even when you can get them with our specialized services, another good trick is to use pop-ups. It is in fact very easy, whenever you share a video from your channel, be sure to add this piece of text to the end of the address: “sub_confirmation=1” this can increase your engagement by 300%. Pretty cool right?

All of these tips, aren’t easy to find and not so much people knows about them. Feel free to use them to improve your social media strategies and grow your reach. If you have any other tips, contact us at Tweetangels and make us know so we can feature them in upcoming posts.

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