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With Social Media only being on the rise, over 200 million people yearly sign up for a new social media platform. This ever-expanding market leads to a more planetary connection in which people can connect, unite, support a cause, and be part of the world-wide-web. Through growth, there is change, and companies, businesses, and multi-market enterprises are taking note as to how social media affects their business.

Most importantly, social media not only affects world-known businesses, it affects all industries, entrepreneurs, and public individuals. This overall image brands try to uphold in a positive light is known as their reputation, something that once tainted, may never be revived. Therefore, it is essential to known exactly how to maintain a positive social media reputation, because your brand, business, and image depends on it.

The Future of Social Media

Social media will not only be the grandest marketplace for everything you can possibly imagine, it will also be the biggest and most interconnected playground for human connection. The growth of social media recently has ranged from adding “live-feeds” to being able to “live” filters to your Snapchat or Facebook Stories. The addition of Facebook Messaging and Snapchat becoming a news outlet has made social media an “all-is-one” stop-shop for everything you need. With that said, the future of social media will only become more interactive by incorporating deeper integration alongside a handful of other feature.

What does this mean for your reputation?

Essentially, Social Media is rapidly growing more and more in numbers, which mean establishing a positive reputation now will only positively affect how future social media users perceive your brand and business. In an instant, due to the wrong chess-play, you may lose the whole game if you do not ensure that your social media reputation is of the highest standard.

Our intention with this is to guide you through the many ways you can keep your social media reputation in pristine condition. Whether it is Instagram account management, or the goal to attract more active Instagram followers, keeping your reputation clean ensures maximum success. How do you begin?

The Top 5 Secrets to A Positive Social Media Reputation with Your Active Instagram Followers

  1. Never Forget Your Professionalism

As a public entity, it’s imperative that you always keep in mind your brand must stay professional in all cases. Whether it is selling a product or responding to a negative comment online, professionalism is key. Whether you are utilizing Facebook advertising or appealing to a high-end market, you have to make sure that your brand is professional across all boards. This constitutes that your team understands and are trained on the art of talking to people, responding to clients, messages and reviews, as well as, posting and marketing. All of this, while keeping the integrity of your business, you can establish a successful relationship with your users and clients.

  1. Be Consistent

If you desire to be taken seriously, most important, improve your organic active Instagram followers reach as well as your twitter user reach, you must be consistent. This means sticking to a proper posting schedule alongside building a solid business model in which your team members can follow.

Consistency means replying to your clients, reviews, messages, and comments in a timely manner, posting frequently, sticking to an organized schedule, and always keeping the same tone of voice through your brand. This will showcase your brand and business as reputable, respectful, professional, and dedicated.

  1. Be Active in Your Engagement

To keep a positive social media reputation, a dedicated personal representative that directly responds to reviews, clients, and messages is essential. You must be active with your followers if you expect to keep their attention. Social Media, at the core is a communication-based playground for brands to directly sell, market, and interact with followers. Therefore, making your followers feel extra special because your business and brand is taking the time to respond to their messages, concerns, beliefs, and ideas showcases your brand in a positively that can only enhance your reputation.

  1. Be Ready for Damage Control

A DCT (Damage Control Technique) is your go-to when it comes to cleaning up an accidental mess. This technique can range from how to respond to negative comments to how your brand retracts from an offensive marketing campaign. With that, damage control is essential, and your brand should always be ready for it.

What makes a brand reputable is their ability to handle any situation with professionalism alongside simplicity. Despite how careful a brand and team members may be, there will always be an accidental mess to clean up, and you want to be ready for when this occurs. You do not want to lower your user count because of poor Instagram account management or any other negative factor.

  1. Be Willing for Feedback

A positive reputation can only be upheld by the people that take the time to follow, interact, and believe in your brand or business. With that said, before you can properly market to an audience, you must know your audience, their dislikes and likes, and their social media habits. Through this, you will be able to positively direct your brand in a way that enhances the image you are wanting to uphold. Feedback becomes your best mechanism for enhancement and betterment, take it graciously and professionalism and use it!

Your Social Media Reputation and Your Active Instagram Followers

Essentially, without followers, a brand, business, or any entity cannot exist in a digital world. Therefore, to ensure a positive social media reputation you must know exactly what your users, clients, and followers like. Whether they are active Instagram followers, paid followers through digital marketing, or followers because of organic reach, they are your lifeline towards a successful brand. Having a positive social media image only enhances this lifeline and ensures that it stays strong and healthy for many years to come.

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