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If you have thought that being on the social media was an easy task, then you are making a huge mistake. It isn’t as easy as creating some profiles and then wait till your fans magically come to you, you’ll have to work very hard in order to build your community while you are promoting your services or products. This may lead to a series of critical mistake that will make the difference between a great community just a selling page.

  1. Never forget that you are a human, and your fans are human too: be always conscious that you run a profile, just as the people following it, you have to do what is more natural to the human being, interact.  You can’t let yourself in the trap of only posting and let your fans come at you, you have to build relationships with them, only that way you’ll be really creating a new community full of friends willing to listen to your thoughts and share them to the world.
  2. Not posting enough: I think there is much to explain about this. You have to post several times a day, social networks are meant to work in real time, and the real time flows very quickly, if you don’t post often enough there’s a high chance that your contents are going to be missed out.
  3. Answer the comments ASAP: back in the “old times” when email was a the best way to do marketing, 2 or 3 days to respond a mail (or to receive an answer) was normal, but real time social networks have made everything so fast that if you take more than 24 hours to reply to a post it may be too late.
  4. Building a good reputation can take a long time, but destroying it only one post:  You must be very clever and stay up to what is surrounding you. You can’t ignore what happens around you, one misplaced post and it could ruin your reputation.
  5. Not asking for help: it is a common belief that social media can be done by anyone, and that only half true, we all can learn how to do it, but unless you really know what are you doing you must leave the work to someone who knows and understand more of SM.

These  are some really commons mistake, check out what you are doing and if you are some of these things then ask for help, you don’t want to be out of the best way to advertise nowadays.  We at Tweet Angels specialize in making social media profiles to grow so don’t wait longer and visit us if you have any doubts.



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