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Ever since the appearance of the first websites, businesses have been on the need to find new ways to advertise on the internet, and there’s no asking why, the World Wide Web, as its name says, is a net, where every computer in the world can connect. As said, everyone can connect to any page (except for countries like china where internet is highly censored) and that’s where resides the potential of advertising on the net.

Nowadays the WWW has become something totally different as it was imagined in the first place as a platform for sharing information but now it is full of places called “Social Networks”. These sites, are totally different from other sites, they allow their users to interact in many ways.

Social networks quickly escalated to the point where they surpassed old technologies.  Now advertising on the net is more important than a TV spot and having the right strategy is as fundamental as being on them. To set up a strategy you have to get some knowledge on marketing, but keep reading, we’ll teach you how to manage some profiles and how to get the best out of them.


Almost any kind of business needs two of two things:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Facebook is a site where people gathers around similar interest and likes, and can share and comment their opinions and twitter is a microblogging site where everyone can follow particular interest while posting any kind of contents. These characteristics makes these sites perfect for advertising and well teach you how.


A good strategy for Facebook marketing must have several components in order to be effective

  1. Post new statuses several times a day, the most used strategy is to post at least three times a day but you can do it as many times as you feel confident while don’t  spamming.
  2. Use the Facebook Ads: Using Facebook Ads will allow you to increase your exposure as much as you decide. With this tool you can reach in a targeted way, this men you’ll be seen mostly by people who might have some interest in you or your brand.
  3. Integrate it with other social networks so all your activities can be shown on Facebook which will make that followers from other      Social Networks to like your page


  1. Post, post, repost, repos, repost: As we have said in earlier issues, in twitter is key to post things as many times as possible, it is a very fast network and within the hour your posts will be unreachable, that’s way you must post the same content several times a day, if you post three times on Facebook, consider posting 9 times on twitter.
  2. Use hashtags: is one of the most efficient ways to select the people you try to reach, when someone searches for a hashtag you used, your post will appear on their search results.
  3. Interact. Answer to other people posts and you’ll engage them. Interacting is one of the most important things you can do, that why they are called SOCIAL MEDIA


If you follow these steps we ensure you that your likes and followers will grow and your business will do the same. But if by the other hand you are having trouble to reach new people even when you are using all these tips then we have the perfect solutions for you. At TweetAngel we specialize in delivering followers and likes in almost any social network. We provide our customers 100% real results which makes us different from the rest services of this kind. We have several options for Facebook and Twitter so you can pick the one that fits your needs and your pockets.



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