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How You Can Use Social Media to Promote You Upcoming Event

How You Can Use Social Media to Promote You Upcoming Event

One of the many beautiful things about social media is that it can be very easy to get word out about anyone or anything. In fact, there is always that chance that a simple article, photo or video will go viral, and when this happens, the publicity generated is overwhelming.

Let’s say you have a new event coming up and need so leverage on social media for publicity. Perhaps you will be launching a book in 30 days or hosting a live event for people in your industry

Using Hashtags
Hashtags are like the magnets you use on social media to attract your audience to your stuff. You simply have to think up creative hashtags related to the event, then use it uniformly on all your social media platforms.
Ideally, your hashtag should contain one or more of the following: the name of the event, date, venue and/or type of event. For instance an event for bloggers in Texas in 2019 can do with any of these hashtags #BlogMastersTexas, #TexasBloggers2019 etc. A speaker could do something similar too. An example of a speaker’s potential hashtag would be #BrianTracyLive

Video Highlights
If a similar event has happened in the past or a previous episode of the same even has held before, then extracts from it can be used as highlights. Depending on the type of content you want and the platform in question, you can create anything from a photo collage to a short video of what viewers should expect.
Videos work best for these highlights. Do it well and enthusiasm will be very high in anticipation of your event.

Shareable Assets
This is not the kind of asset you might want to think about. It’s nothing related to real estate or entrepreneurship. In the world of social media, shareable assets refer to the photos, posters, animations and any creative stuff that advertises the upcoming event which users can download and re-share. Think of it as your event’s press kit which your friends and event promoters can use to get word out about your event.

Visual Testimonials
People are bombarded with ads on a daily basis across all social media platforms. So, it would be naïve for an entrepreneur or event planner to assume everyone who sees his event advert will attend the event.

In this age of information overdose, people want to be certain that they would not be wasting their time and resources at your event. They also want to be certain that they will not be the only ones in attendance.

So do well to make testimonial photo quotes of people who attended previous episodes of the event – of course with their photos. A photo of a cross-section of people who attended is also a great bait. Above all else, a video testimonial works like magic.
I trust you now have an idea of how to make your next event a huge success by leveraging on the power of social media. See you at the top and do well to share your thoughts with us in then comment section.

Source: Tweet Angels – Best Social Media Marketing Agency

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