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Top 3 Social Media Tips To Save Time and Maximize ROI for Both Twitter and Instagram

The environment that is social media is a vast world of opportunities for businesses, influencers, marketers, and brands. The thriving market is getting bigger by the year with Instagram reaching above 700 million active Instagram users and about 300 million active Twitter followers. With that, there is a vast array of opportunities for starting brands… Read more »

Top 5 Social Media Trends All Businesses Must Know of in 2017

As we know by now, social media is like the seasons. Except, unlike changing every 3 months, it pretty much changes constantly. Through every new feed, like, comment, trending hashtag, news story, world-wide event, and other algorithm-altering scenario’s, social media trends alter day by day. As social media marketing consultants have said, to be successful,… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Using Hashtags Are Important On Instagram

It creeped up on us like a zombie dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, I am talking about one of the trendiest trends that stuck around like butter on bread – hashtags! Hashtags are the not-so-new method to describe a photo, article, or videos in the world of social networking. Basically, hashtags are everyone’s simple… Read more »

Seven Social Media Marketing Trends for 2016

Where is social media headed in 2016? In a world where checking your Twitter or Instagram feed in the morning is as normal as putting the kettle on to make a cup of tea, social media dominates our personal and business transactions, but at such saturation point, where can it go next? We take a… Read more »

Using Social Media for Start-up Businesses

You’ve been planning and dreaming of starting your business for years. Now you have finally taken the leap and walked away from the regular monthly payslip. So how can you now tap into free tools in order to elevate your brand and reach the masses? This is where social media comes in. Let us tell… Read more »

14 Social Media Content Hacks

New Year is here and well underway your new year’s resolution may have been to ramp up your brands social media. If so we are here to help you do just that. We are giving you 14 handy hints, so two whole weeks of great content to share to excite and engage your followers and… Read more »