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Using Twitter to find your target audience is the next big trend in the digital world today. Business start by penning down the gaps in the market and how and what solutions could be provided through social media platforms.

The idea is to putting yourself in the customers’ shoes and think what keywords, phrases, and hashtags they’ll use to locate the products and services. Consider you run a fashion store, and you try for something like “I need new shoes”. Apparently, a common topic people will be talking about on Twitter.

Here, every user who interacted with your tweet is a potential customer. And you can announce an exciting discount or offer to lure them to your brand, one of the most common ways to generate leads, register sales, gather a positive feedback, and acquire brand recognition for your business.
While real active Twitter followers have a lot more to do for your business than mere tweets and retweets.

Why exactly is Twitter a great source of profit for your business?

Connect with your customer base

Twitter provides businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers regardless of the hour of the day. For example, you can ask your customer to send their feedback, or simply answer their day-to-day queries.

Responding to tweets develops a sense of trust and bonding with the brand, something that greatly lacks in today’s highly saturated digital markets.

Absolutely free marketing

Businesses and individuals use Twitter free, without needing to pay a single dime for a tweet. The trick is what you make of this free marketing opportunity, crafting a quality, user-friendly tweet is the key to reach out to millions of users, B2B businesses, partners, and vendors.

Keep close tabs on competition

Besides your audience, even your competitors are lurking on this platform. Fortunately, it makes your job easier to inquire what they’re doing here.
For example, your customers might be publicly sharing complaints and feedback with your competitors, in other words, you can take the feedback for your business as well. Consider such tweets and feedback as improvements required in your products and services without needing someone to say it to you in the first place.

Talk with potential customers

We’ve already stated that Twitter gives you a chance to talk to a wider audience base, however, reaching out to your potential customer is another important consideration.
Potential customers are the one that not only become the bread and butter of your company in terms of revenues, but people who actually understand and thrust forward your values, brand image, and eventual legacy.

It doesn’t matter if your business buys real active Twitter followers or builds them steadily, the platform is a great resource for a competent audience base and registering healthy sales figures for a company.

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