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How about getting more clicks to your website from Twitter? A platform that is growing in trend for businesses to generate traffic, leads, and register top sales figures. Let it be if you buy active Twitter followers or hire a professional agency to take care of your social media presence, Twitter does help businesses grow their traffic and sales.

Social media is flying high…

Today brands are required to have a solid social media presence to enjoy top success for their business. Seemingly, with more than 2 billion social media users worldwide, businesses can’t ignore the opportunity of losing a wider audience base and revenues.
This is why it is important to know how Twitter will help your business grow and prosper.

Use Twitter cards

Obviously, every business intends to make its tweet stand apart from others, and using Twitter cards is the way to do that. Setting up your website that allows people to share your posts is the thing. In doing so, your post or article image will show up in their tweet.
Normally, there are 8 types of Twitter cards to cater the purpose, use the one that suits the nature of your business and post.

Enhance your Twitter base

If you’re already doing a great job in engaging a well-targeted audience base on Twitter, it’s time to stretch them with more followers.
Try using Social Quant, a tool that helps businesses increase genuine followers through data analytics for finding relevant users and conversions. Moreover, you can also buy active Twitter followers from authentic platforms for a quick boost in your followers and user engagement.

Find influencers and engage with them

A true engagement with your followers attracts more followers to follow you, eventually leading to more traffic, leads, and eventual conversions.
Being an influencer means someone already has a healthy following in his/her profession. Therefore, creating a healthy relationship with the right influencers will pay off big time.
Try using SocialBro to find the right influencers for your business. You simply need to sign up (both free and paid options available) and connect with your Twitter account.
Add a keyword relevant with your business and search the names. You’ll also have the option to filter the search results on the basis of types of influences. Add the influencers, follow them with a tweet, or directly message them for a quick chat.

Use Twitter lists for contact management

With an increasing number of followers, your timeline may start feeling stuffed and overwhelming. If there are certain users you consider important and cannot afford to miss their tweets, put them to a separate list and follow that rather than from your main timeline.
Tools like TweetDeck, Hootsuite, etc. facilitate businesses in setting columns to follow tweets in a seamless manner.
The above ways highlight in how different ways Twitter can really rejuvenate your business, and generate additional traffic and sales within no time.

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