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Instagram stories are arguably one of the most promising ways to promote your brand. With a “This message will self-destruct” type of sense, Instagram stories stay put for 24 hours, hence, tempting users to be more careful and creative with their content.

So how can businesses use Instagram stories to extend their followers and enjoy success?

Ask your followers to see you behind the scenes

It might not seem much, but people are quite interested to know what’s happening behind the scenes of any business, movie making, music composition, fashion walks, etc. As people have gotten tired of traditional marketing, businesses going digital have a great chance in luring the audience to behind the curtain elements.

It could be anything from the inside of your home gym, music studio, or the kitchen room of your restaurant, let your audience feel as if they are a part of it.

Conduct product demos and guides

Going a little unorthodox through powerful, memorable marketing can benefit you in the long run. The temporary feature of Instagram stories allows brands to be more playful and urgent with their content.

Although you can always buy real Instagram likes on your posts from a reliable source, but conducting live product demonstrations can really pull the strings in your marketing efforts.

Market your next big event

Are you conducting a webinar, hosting an annual tech conference, requesting your customers to attend a social networking event, or simply hosting your company’s annual dinner? Your audience needs to know about it.

Your Instagram story will speak about your upcoming event in a loud, clear voice. However, avoid being too salesy in tone, just be direct and excited about your announcement.

Live blog your event

Let suppose you’re hosting the upcoming annual dinner of your company. Add a sense of ambience of the actual occasion by taking your non-attending audience behind the scenes. Seemingly, it might be too late to add the number of live viewers, but you can surely provide encouragement for the next event sign-ups.

Display limited time offers and discounts

Undoubtedly, you may want to reward your regular story viewers and followers. Try to flash sales on some of your in-demand products. Posting stories on limited time deals and exciting offers asks your followers to stick for your next updates at all times. Still, be mindful of not overdoing it.

Conduct QA sessions

Easily the best way to interact with your followers permitting them the chance to get answered their most burning questions. As a business owner, or any of your top executive conducting a 10-15 minute QA session, adds a personalized touch to your brand. In the session, the user can also showcase some of his products and services, or the upcoming ones as a teaser.

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