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One of the most important things about social media is its effectiveness. If you run a small community, there’s not much importance to the times when you post, but when you are trying to grow your community or you manage a profile with thousands of followers, then you have to make sure to reach as many people as possible with one single post. You might be wondering, how am I supposed to do that? Well, in fact it is very simple, it all depends on what time of the day your potential audience is connected to the social networks.

In this article we’ll teach you what the best hours to post are, depending on which social network you are. Keep reading, this information can help you increase your reach and engagement, as well as the possibility to create more relationships with your followers making them to become possible customers.



The best hours to post on twitter are after   12:00. According to a recent study by Bitly, the optimal hours are between the 13:00 and 15:00.  They also don’t recommend to post after the 20:00 hours. Very little people checks twitter at that time.



For Facebook there are three optimal days to post, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday being the most efficient day the Fridays, when everybody checks their social networks in search of what to do on the weekend.



If you want to reach the maximum number of people then you need to post between: 14:00 and 16:00. These are the hours when most of the users of this social network log in to repin the things they love. An interesting fact is that food is the most successful category on this site.


Google+ offers, according to the American public, a better result in publications that take place between 9am and 11am. The worst times to post on this network are between 18h and 20h.LinkedIn:

The best times to post in LinkedIn are between 7am and 9am and between 17h and 18h, which would coincide with the approximate start and end of the work activity.

If you schedule your posting to these hours there is a huge chance that your audience can catch up with your publications which will have an outcome of increased post reach and engagement. If you consider this article to be useful then share it on your networks.

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