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Social Media is a key component of marketing, and the right strategy is to try to make as much as possible from sites like Facebook and Twitter.  You must use the new tools that are giving excellent ROI results.

You have to be up to date with all trending topics. By doing this you’ll ensure that you’re putting your team in the best position to interact with your target audience.

  1. Social Listening

Open your eyes and ears, listen to what is saying your audience and respond to it! If you can do this you have assured you and your business a really increased engagement rate. This will undoubtedly grow your exposure which will make you generate lost new customers


  1. Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat may the new big thing in social media. Auto destructive photos and videos can make your brand become a huge thing in Social Media. This new app as won the hearts of thousands of user’s across the globe. It allow the user to send photos and videos that will be automatically deleted after a short period of time, this make it really easy to include in any social media strategy. Just be sure to use it very casually, if you flood your customers phones it’s possible they will abandon you.


  1. Infographics are the top thing:

The infographic boom has been something that most of us didn’t see coming but we cannot deny the power of them. They have the ability to teach very useful information in a really nice and easy way and that’s why they are so important right now in any marketing strategy.


  1. Google+

Google+ is what we may call the holy grail of marketers, this social network gathers about 63% of the marketers around the globe. This is a new MUST to any social media strategy.


  1. Social video:

Videos are changing the way that people are using Facebook and Twitter. These days not having a video on your site is like missing some organs from your body, it isn’t right, people look for videos more often than before and it isn’t going to stop, so you must consider making a video some time.



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