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Guy Kawasaki said, “Truth be told, there are only two kinds of Twitter users: those that want more followers and those that lie.” And that’s the truth about twitter, there is no one in twitter who don’t like when somebody new follows their profiles.

But having large amounts of twitter follower isn’t as easy as it seems, it requires a hard work and a constant effort to engage new people trough amazing tweets and a bit of interaction.

If you are having hard times rising up those numbers don’t worry, keep reading and discover 10 ways to increase your followers in no time. We guarantee.

  1. Upload a great cover: One pictures says a thousand word, and in twitter, no one will listen if you don’t have a great picture on your cover. A front angle photo should be enough, nothing of funny angles or making faces, you are trying to meet new people.
  2. Keep your bio up to date: Use your 160 characters bio in an efficient way and tell the people who you are, it’s the first thing people will know about you.
  3. Tweet in high traffic hours: There are  several times a day when twitter activity grow really high, discover which of them may be beneficial for you and tweet at those times
  4. Follow similar people to you: Follow people with interests like you, this way you make sure you can see what others are talking and take some advantage of it.
  5. Ask people to spread the word about you: in the end of your tweets put something laki “please retweet” or “Please RT” this way you remind your followers to talk about you. Don’t do all the time, one or  two times
  6. There are the “twitter celebrities” and they do “auto follow”: Look for these people, there are people with lots of twitter followers, they do follow back to avoid following limits. This will put you in their eyes and eventually they’ll RT you.
  7. Tweet to new people every day: Take some time daily to search for hashtags that matters for you and tweet to persons using them, you’re very likely to be followed.
  8. Use mentions wisely: When mentioning somebody, you send your tweet only to the followers that you both have in common, but, if you use a period (.) before the “@” then it will be visible for everybody.
  9. Use keywords to find followers: use keyword when you search this way you’ll quickly fin new people to follow.
  10. Buying followers: this is one of the most used techniques in order to grow your numbers as fast as light speed. We at Tweet angels specialize in delivering 100% real followers to almost any social network, improving the results of your social media strategies and giving you tons of extra exposure.

If you liked this post and have some extra tips that you use then tell us your opinion at and we’ll feature them in our next posts. Check our site if you are interested in our services, we have the best prices and the best results.

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