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Social networks have become a great place for brands, businesses and advertisers to promote products and services with a huge potential of increasing your sales and engaging new costumers and this is all thanks to interactions. Until the appearance of the first social networks, promoting and advertising on the web was something not as useful as it is right now and there were not chances to interact with your customers/favorite brands.

Now interactions have overcome almost everything and TV is no longer the best place to advertise, nowadays sites like Facebook or twitter are the best spots to advertise your brand, creating relationships and thus interacting with the people you engaged there are a huge chances to meet new potential customers. For Facebook interactions are everything, and by interactions we mean everything that the customer can do to promote your page by himself.  Sharing, commenting, liking and even poking are ways of interactions between Facebook users that can make your business grow exponentially. Usually when a friend of us likes a page on Facebook we can see it on the right side of our home page. With this we want to say that every time that one of your followers likes something yours, there’s a huge chance that their friends are going to see it and you be getting lots of exposure and more engagement.

You may already know all this but you still can’t manage your account numbers to go green  or you didn’t knew and are starting from zero and that is why we decided to create this post, in order to help you to make your page more active and more engaging.

  1. The first of all the things that you have to do is to post, post funny and interesting things, such as videos, photos or articles, all these kinds of content are especially useful if we want to grow our community.
  2. Second post often, but not too often. The thing about being on the social networks is not only to be, but to be in a right way, if you start spamming your follower’s timelines with lots of contents they may see you as a spammer and then stops following you.
  3. Call to action. You may be posting the most interesting things on your page but people won’t know what to do by themselves with that information you gave them. You have to post thing like: Incredible tips for weight loss. MUST SHARE!” will spread your contents in a better and fastest way.
  4. Get likes. In order to get exposure and to be followed, first you have to be seen, starting from zero can be a really pain especially for rookies that don’t really understand how to do some serious social media campaigns. The best thing that you can do is to buy targeted likes for Facebook so you will be advertising for people with similar interest as your brand’s.


Remembering that the key for success on the social media is to interact with people so you can reach as many people as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us at and share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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