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Buying followers on social media platforms has become a popular choice for celebrities, up-and-coming stars, political candidates and businesses. However, are these followers really bringing a type of attention that will benefit you or your business? Social media for figures and businesses is all about bringing traffic to sites and engaging with fans and clients. The end goal for businesses is to attract existing and potential clients and bring in leads and/or sales.


To meet these goals, quantity is not the only important element. Quality is just as important in this case, followers should be relevant to your target audience. For example, retail businesses with storefronts would want to target followers in their areas to bring traffic into the stores. Software companies would want to target types of businesses or clients who could benefit from their type of product. Having quality followers leads to more networking which will continue to grow your following and lead to more potential clients and sales.


When groups of fake followers rather than carefully targeted followers are added, they have no connection to your ideal demographics or types of followers. Groups of fake or “dummy”followers are randomly selected which could very well consist of fake, inactive accounts or robots. For example, in December of 2014, Instagram did a massive purge of Fake accounts. We can expect social networks to follow in this path as they look to please advertisers with a dependable group of followers.

Fake followers can acquire phishing, hacking and even infecting legitimate followers with spam links.This will annoy your followers and give you a bad name.Buying fake followers to try to meet your goals can come with many safety and security risks as well as the risk of negatively affecting your reputation.

Along with safety and security, reputation is also extremely important on social media. You want to have a good reputation, one that corresponds with the voice you’re trying to present for your business. Every business has its own voice, with some adopting a more corporate and objectivestandpoint while others get personal, joking with users and sharing entertaining posts regularly.

There’s a whole lot more than goes into optimizing a company’s social media plan than someone can take on as a “side project”, especially keeping up with important changes and trends all the time. Having a company like Tweetangels acquire you targeted followers saves you time, and time is money. Your time should be spent working on your business and the other hundreds of tasks you need to be doing. Developing a variety of content including text, images, videos, customer stories, reviews and more will keep followers interested and will build engagement and leads for your company.

Targeted followers are found with custom built algorithms and proven methods that make themhighly effective. Targeted followers can be acquired by keywords, industries and even specific cities. You can choose as many keywords or industries as you want and the city you want to target within a specified number of miles.This way, you can be confident knowing that your followers are in desired areas and are already talking about a subject related to your industry or niche.  Also, if you’re looking to expand your business to a different city, state or country, followers can be targeted in those places the same way.This will allow you to be introduced to new areas even before opening.

These followers are clearly interested in your topics and content based on what they are already posting and sharing. This will ensure more likes and shares of your content which will lead to continued exposure. These followers will engage with you, share your content, and keep your profile looking active for future followers and customers.

Finally, if you are using specific keywords or phrases to your business, having followers who will engage and share will improve your SEO, search engine optimization. Your pages will be ranked higher in search engines such as Google based on the amount of times they are used. This is the best way to bring traffic to your sites. Try Tweetangels many different services if you are serious about dominating Social Media and increasing your web presence.

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