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Every year, without questions and skipping a beat the holiday season comes around. With that comes new specials, new advertisements, a plethora of holiday décor and merchandise from brands whom spent millions and countless hours of time to properly market their newest products, deal, and services.

However, you and your brand do not need to spend days upon days and millions of dollars to properly appeal to a holiday audience. With that said, TweetAngels is eager to share with you the holiday guide for effective social media marketing. These holiday tips will ensure a stream of new active Twitter followers and new active Instagram followers that will surely enjoy your brand’s holiday flair. More so, it will give you’re the leverage it needs to stay relevant during the holiday season. Without further waiting, let’s talk about the best holiday social media strategies.

Plan and Execute

Planning: As is with any major event, launch, product launch, or special promotion, there needs to be effective planning and proper preparation. You cannot simply put up a picture of a reindeer and call your brand “season”. Think in terms of what your brand would look like if it was decorated for the holidays. This means you cautiously intertwine your brands original marketing style with the holiday flair that it needs to stand out.

A perfect example of this is Tiffany’s & Co. whom every season, although their marketing changes, their signature Tiffany Blue color is synonymous with their brand. You must find your own version of the Tiffany Blue. With that, areas that deserve seasonal flair include (depending on your budget and brand style):

  • Logo
  • Banners
  • Social Media Banners
  • Social Media Content
  • Website
  • Product Photography
  • Seasonal Products
  • Specific Services
  • Business cards
  • Physical Location – if you have one.

This will ensure that you are capturing the attention of active social media followers that are in the holiday spirit. Also, you are keeping the attention of your current followers who may be drawn to the competition’s holiday products, services, and flair.


Now, although the holiday season may stir many emotions of excitement. You do not want to share all your content early on or ahead of time. This is where scheduling your content appropriately serves its rightful purpose. By scheduling your content and utilizing an automated content posting program, you can better manage your post and your content.

Also, not every post or piece of content must be seasonally related. Leave specific products or services as they are and share your most special holiday products or services on certain days. With that said, the holiday seasons is the perfect time to make special announcements and launch specific holiday products that you would not normally. Make sure your content, photography, and holiday pitch are well thought out. This will distinctively set you apart from the other companies or brands doing the same.

Plan Your Budget

Now that you have properly prepared your holiday flair, it is time to place your holiday ads. This needs to be a well thought out process which means:

  • You know who your target audience
  • You know your goal: generating leads, attracting potential active Twitter users, etc.
  • Your content is well put together.
  • Your ad is seasonally appealing.
  • You know how much you are willing to spend.
  • You know the length you plan to have it up for.
  • Your website is optimized to match your ad.

As is with special occasions or specific dates, running holiday ads means strict competition in the world of social media. In fact, placing ads on Instagram or Twitter during the holiday season is more costly than any time of the year. This is due in part to the many brands that are also utilizing this once-every-year moment to market their products and services.

Utilize the Power of Influencers

The power of The Influencers in 2017 has reach worldwide recognition. This method of collaborating and reaching an organic target audience has caused brands to flock towards the most prolific, famous, and unique influencers all around the world.

What is an influencer? In simple terms, an influencer is any person with a social media platform big enough to influence their subscribers and followers to purchase, use, or try a specific product.

Therefore, brands have capitalized on influencers by offering specific deals, partnerships, and collaborations. With that said, the holiday season is known to be an influencers paradise as brands make contact with influencers from all backgrounds and genres. With that, there is no need to contact influencers with 20 million subscribers.

Other than a price range well into the 6 figures, these influencers are being sought by everyone. If you desire to capitalize and utilize influencers as a social media holiday strategy, contacting numerous influencers with a couple thousand followers can help reach your target audience and increase your chances of generating more leads as well as active followers.

The demand for influencers, however, is extremely high. Therefore, it is best to always contact the people your brand is best suited to collaborate with months ahead of time. This secures that when the holiday season comes around you will have numerous brands and social media stars supporting your products and services.

The Holiday Season and Social Media

Social media normally is an ever changing world of events, people, brands, and more. However, during the holiday season brands all come in unison to master the art of seasonal marketing. Every brand from every genre from Beauty to Automotive will purposely market their work, bid for the best ad placements, and collaborate with influencers to create their social media marketing strategy. If you are not one of those brands, chances are during the holiday season you will not be recognize, and your brand may flop during one of the most important times of the year.

Last bit of seasonal advice: Engage with your audience as they comment, retweet, share, and like your content, ads, and photos. This ensures your target audience that your brand is not blindly marketing and posting content. Content with meaning generates more trust, followers, and leads.

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