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Social media plays a huge role in your marketing campaign. So, naturally, if you’re looking to outsource your management roles you’ll want to weed out the bad social media agencies from the good ones. Deciding on the right social media management agency to manage your accounts is vital. They’re essentially the voice of your company or brand on the internet, so choose the wrong one and you’re not only losing followers but wasting valuable time and money.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re deciding between agencies:

1. Do they take the time to learn your business objectives?

Is this agency actually asking about what you’re looking to achieve through social media? If they’re not, you need to walk away. Most agencies spend their time getting across the same service they use on every other client.

If an agency isn’t spending time creating a custom strategy then they aren’t worth your time or money. At TweetAngels we strive to achieve our clients desired level of quality content and create quality connections through followers. Each plan we create is crafted with our client’s unique objectives and goals in mind.

2. Do they have case studies?

We have a case study tab at the top of our website. This is simply because without proof of concept a company could see us as ‘all talk’. Without real results for prospective clients to look over, it is very difficult to consider how an agency can help you achieve your desired results. If an agency you’re thinking about hiring can’t provide you with links to social media campaigns they’ve worked on raising a red flag.

And on that note, take a look at their social media profiles. Do they have a lot of followers? How is their engagement?

3. What is their strategy?

The right social media management company will know how to create a custom strategy, implement this strategy, and continue to tweak it until it achieves your desired results. While they will have a strategy ready for you, you should be able to collaborate and discuss what works and doesn’t work in order to measure success.

If they aren’t able to provide you with quality monthly reports of your social media platforms then just take your business elsewhere.

4. Are they good at communicating?

If your current social media agency takes 2-3 days to answer an email it’s time to say bye-bye. You need to be able to reach your social media manager quickly should an issue arise or they need to provide you with information. Ask the agency how often you should expect them to communicate with you. Will they send weekly updates? Monthly? This matters. You don’t want to feel like you have know idea what’s going on with your social media accounts.

5. Is the company too big that you will easily get lost in the shuffle?

If your looking for a company, you may consider asking exactly how many existing customers they have. The last thing you want is to be forgotten about. Sometimes agencies take on more than they can handle, leaving clients lost in the wind while they handle “more important” clients. You want a social media management company that has a favorable amount of clients they see as equally important.

Take the time to research any social media management company you’re thinking of hiring. Ask the right questions and if you don’t get the right answers then don’t give them your business. TweetAngels takes the time to ensure your social media strategy is met with high quality content and direct communication throughout the entire process.

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