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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used worldwide. But the platform is not just to connect with your family and friends and share pictures. Companies use it to expand their business. There are greater than 25 million companies around the globe using Instagram for business purposes already. And there are nearly 200 million-plus users who visit at least one business account every day.

With Facebook applying new regulations and focusing on connecting people again, companies and brands are turning to Instagram to grow their business. But how do you use your Instagram account to profit your business?

Let’s find out

Starting an Instagram business account

There are two ways to approach this step:

  • You can either convert your already existing Instagram account into a business account.
  • Or, you can create a new business account and start afresh.

If you are converting your existing account into a business one, it will retain all your current followers and posts. It is a useful way if you don’t have an Instagram account already.

A winning strategy

Before you start posting content on your business account, you need to define your target audience first. To do so, you need to conduct market studies and identify various factors like age-group of your customers, region, etc. You can either spend time doing it yourself and conduct market analysis or you can use online tools to assist you. Once you define your target audience, it is time to set your goals and objectives. Your goals will help you stick to the strategy and focus on the correct performance metrics.

Optimizing your business profile

While creating your profile, you entered some general profile information about your business. Not, it’s time to optimize the account. It starts by tweaking your Instagram bio since it is the first thing your visitors will read. To write the best bio, you must ensure that your bio voices your brand. Once you write the bio, you work on the profile picture. As a brand, it is best to use your logo since it will resonate the most with your visitors.

Sharing the right content

Instagram relies on visual content; hence, to click with your audience, you need to have great visual content. Talk with your team and decide on what kind of content you want to share and then take a good quality picture with adequate natural light and setting. You can use online editing tools to make your picture visually appealing. And don’t forget to use the Instagram Stories feature and writing attractive captions.

Grow your audience and engagement

Social media is all about engaging with one another and growing your community. For a brand, Instagram is a helpful way to improve their customer relationship. You can start by following relevant Instagrammers and using the right hashtags in your posts. It allows you to grow your list of followers. But getting organic followers is a slow process and if you need followers in a short period, you can always buy IG followers online. Various online services offer paid followers, all you have to do is search how to buy Instagram followers in your browser.

Finals Thoughts

Once you get hold of these steps, you can easily manage your Instagram account and generate revenue for your business. But if you think managing your Instagram account is turning into a tedious task, you can always use an online tool to assist you.

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