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When Instagram first came out the purpose of it was not even for it to be a social sharing platform. In fact, Instagram was supposed to be a real estate app. However, it shocked an industry and revolutionized the way we would share information, stories, and content with each other completely.

Instagram is now known as the most visually appealing social media platform. The primary reason because Instagram is centred around visually appealing content. Think of Instagram as your life, brand, or posts in a visual form. They tell a story, they are appealing, and they capture an audience. It is all of the backend work that will determine how successful your posting strategy is. Therefore, if you want to boost your active Instagram followers in 30 days, let’s talk about the backend work that goes into creating a successful Instagram strategy and achieving more followers.

The Back End Work

If you were to browse through most notorious Instagram feed accounts such as that of lifestyle brands, influencers, or major companies, you will notice a medley of beautiful photos and collages among an array of high-quality images and captivating titles.  This is known as the content strategy of a website. Therefore, it is vital to develop a content strategy that appeals to the audience in your niche, so they can be captured enough to want to follow your account. This is how you begin!

  1. Appealing Profile

Before you begin curating content that is visually appealing and inspiring to your audience, it is vital to develop a captivating about section and profile image. Make sure your image is HD, your business link is connected, and that your first couple of posts will set the stage for your content strategy. Keep in mind, there are over 800 million active Instagram users on Instagram monthly. Only post and set yourself up in a way that showcases you and your brand in the best light.

  1. Curate A Consistent Look

It is important to note that your future active Instagram followers will be following your Instagram based on the appeal, aesthetics, and visual content of your feed. Therefore, curate a look that is in alignment with your brand that is also appealing enough to capture the attention of the niche you are trying to reach. Curating visual content means:

  • Study the marketplace and what content gains the most traction. Virtually every niche frame cake baking to flowers, to design and style gain a lot of traction. It’s more about how you present the content that ensures a successful boost of active Instagram followers.
  • Utilizing only HD photos that are high quality will ensure that you will capture your audience’s attention.
  • Only using your content is another way to make yourself known to the visual world that is Instagram. Using stock photos ensure that you will be flagged for not having original content, something that active Instagram followers do not like. They want to get to know your brand, the meaning, the purpose and the mission and utilizing photos that are not yours denies them of that privilege.
  • Creating a theme is also another innovative way to capture an audience’s attention with your content. For example, numerous brands will create a theme depending on the time of the month or the season. It is expected that during the holiday season the most trending content will be holiday based. That is a bandwagon that is necessary to jump on!
  1. Studying Posting Times

Knowing when to post may be the most vital aspect of posting on social media. It’s not just important to post depending on your geographical location but also depending on your niches habits and patterns. Finding the ideal posting times will maximize your ability to reach a large audience. Therefore, curate content that is appealing and specific for that time of the day and give it a shot. If it works out then great, if not then you can delete it and give it another shot., or leave it up to add to your feed’s theme if it works in tangent with your feed.

  1. Hashtag Your Posts

Now, this may be one of the most important aspects of posting on Instagram to achieve more active Instagram followers. The reason being that hashtags allow a brand to reach an audience without personally having to market to them directly. In a way, it is intentional mass marketing to specific niches that are interested in specific posts. Therefore, it is important to connect all of your posts with hashtags that are relevant to that post.

Another important aspect about hashtags is using them during important moments or special events. This will further your reach at a time when people are searching up that certain event or moment the most. For example:

  • #Oscars2018
  • #Election2016
  • #Superbowl
  • #Womensmarch
  1. Run An Instagram Ad

Running an online marketing ad can be incredibly overwhelming to many people using the Facebook ad tool. However, when it comes to Instagram it is a lot easier than many business owners think or believe. Running an Instagram ad is a sure fire way to reach more active Instagram followers. Simply, develop a post with an appealing photo as you normally would, and then hit the “promote” button once it’s posted.

Instagram will then give you a “similar audience” and you can choose to directly market to them. If not, a brand can easily develop their own audience in the app by interest, age range, and gender they wish to market to.

Achieving More Active Instagram Followers

Achieving more active Instagram followers is not a difficult process. In fact, out of all the social media, it may be one of the easiest to do so because of the visual aspect of it. With a properly curated Instagram feed and proper posting schedule achieving more active followers that will engage with you is made possible.

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