You’ve been away for a while pondering the big questions of life and now you are ready to share them with your friends, followers, and acquaintances over slightly filtered nature photos on Instagram. The only problem is, you have been away for several months and you wonder if anyone will even be concerned with your enlightening posts and beautiful photography of seashells slightly grazing white sand beaches. The real question is, after being away for a lengthy amount of time, how can you revive your Instagram? This is the question we will discuss through 5 ensured ways that will give your Instagram a new breath of life.

Instagram’s Daily Activity

Instagram has grown to a global network of photography enthusiasts that are sharing everything from nature photos, inspirational texts, funny videos, and, now, live Q & A’s, showcases, and connecting with users and followers. To better understand how Instagram functions and how beneficial it is to everyone, despite the hiatus, let’s put some statistics into perspective. • Instagram has nearly 800 million users. • Instagram users share over 40 billion photos to date. • Instagram users share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.Only 20% of Instagram users are located in the U.S. • Instagram users “like” about 4.2 billion posts per day. • 60% of brands on Instagram use the same filter. With these studies and statistics, it is without a doubt that Instagram is an extremely beneficial place for businesses, brands, and individuals wanting to make headway as entrepreneurs or influencers.

Revive Your Instagram Today

1. Develop A Tactic

When reviving your Instagram, are you going to begin uploading randomly, or is there a structured reason for your posting schedule? With that, it is essential to know ahead of time what you are posting, what you will post, what time you will post it, and who you are marketing to. It is highly beneficially to be prepared ahead of time. With that said, the most important question is: when will you be posting your first photo? It is crucial to know this information because Instagram has specific algorithms for certain dates based on users, time of day, etc. The most effective reason as to why being prepared is essential is to remove the risk of another hiatus happening and then you must begin all over. Not that taking some time off is bad, but it is best to be consistent, especially when establishing a social reputation.

2. Remove Old Photos

When coming back from your hiatus, you may have new insights and reasoning behind your new Instagram account management tactics and development. One of these Instagram account management techniques is to recap what you have posted before and see if it fits with your new brand image. When seeking more active Instagram followers, these followers may scroll through your feed. Therefore, ensure that you only have showcased captions, photos, and hashtags that portray your brand in the best light. This is a perfect time for you to reassess and see your brand’s personal growth.

3. Revisit the Basics

New brands and individuals tend to overlook the many benefits of having a witty and intriguing bio, alongside a synonymous profile picture that correlates to your brand’s identity. Your biography is essentially a direct way in which you can, in short-terms, describe your brand, yourself, or your goal to the world of Instagram. Without a catch bio, you will quickly lose any chance at gaining new followers. Take the time to revisit the basics of Instagram account management by running through the process of creating an Instagram account. Does your picture match your social media and website? Does your biography match the tone and vision? Are your pictures consistent? A return to the basics will quickly help your brand stand on its feet once again.

4. New or Old Style

When reviving your Instagram, many brands and individuals will create a completely new posting style. The reason for this is, by having a new style that is distinctively different than your old photos, it will create somewhat of an invisible wall between the new photos and the old photos. Instagram has enhanced their editing features since 2015 and, with a streamline of photo editing apps such as VSCO and Snapseed, you are able to create any style you desire. The key is to keep this style consistent, or only change it when appropriate such as, a new campaign came out, the holiday times, or a new segment of your brand.

5. Begin Through Deep Connection

When coming back from an extended absence, it is important to reconnect with your current active Instagram followers and post meaningful content that will appeal to many other followers. The reason for this is to reestablish a level of trust between you and your Instagram followers. When coming back to social media, if you directly begin to market your products or services, you will be met with low results. The reason for this is because Instagram is a “connection” based environment where creative individuals make up the large pie that is Instagram. With that, meaningful stories with captions will capture your Instagram followers which will then trickle into more of an organic Instagram reach.

6. Buy Instagram Active Followers

If you are coming back to social media and have realize that your original follower count was relatively low, utilizing a platform in which you can directly benefit from active Instagram followers will be highly beneficial. These active Instagram followers will help the rise of your new Instagram comeback. This will lead to a broader reach in which you can share your new insights, photos, captions, etc.

Instagram Is Waiting For You

After a long hiatus, getting back to the social scene requires a bit of a schedule change. However, the reward of rebranding, reassessing, and connective with more followers is unprecedented, especially when you begin to see results on your business or brand. With these 6 essential reviving steps, you are getting back on track with your Instagram account management and soon will begin paving the way for more Instagram followers to notice your work.
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