When it comes to Social Media Marketing, it’s vital to have a Dedicated & Experienced Profes-sional to manage your Online Accounts. This way, your Campaign will deliver Great Results that will drive more Customers your Way. But what happens when you can’t afford to pay a Full-Time Experienced Social Media Manager? You have two options, you can either hire a newbie (or Intern) to manage your Accounts or you may choose a Professional Social Media Marketing Agency to handle the job for you. To help you make a Decision, we looked at some Basic Crite-ria and compared your options for you:

1. Enthusiasm. A person who is just starting a career in Social Media might have the Enthusi-asm to do the Job, but will probably not give you professional results. They have Classes, or Exams which might sometimes require prioritizing or they might even discover they are not interested in pursuing a career in Social Media. Agency Experts, on the other hand, are Pas-sionate about Each Project they have. They have been doing the Job and have been trained to deliver the best results possible.

2. Know-How. An Intern or a Part-Time Employee usually has little to no Experience in using Social Media Marketing Tools to Create and Monitor Strong Campaigns. Yes, they Know Technology, but they are usually stuck on the Non-Business side of Facebook, Twitter etc. Part-time college Students or Interns are great if you have no money to spend on Profes-sional Social Media Management, but will not give you the results you could be looking for. Hiring a Social Media Management company, on the other hand, have a Team of Experts which work together to develop Compelling Content, Monitor the Competition, Measure Re-sults and know how to strategically increase your following. They know Industry Tips and Tricks and have previously Successfully Managed Hundreds of Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

3. Time. While someone who is just beginning to work with Social Media needs Time to under-stand how to use each Platform to your Brand’s Advantage, an Agency Expert has it all Fig-ured Out. This means that Social Media Marketing Companies deliver Time-Efficient Strate-gies which deliver results significantly faster.

4. Investments. If you want your Social Media person to grow and become the support your Brand needs, you will have to pay for Workshops, Webinars etc. An Agency does that on its own, as its Main Objective is to have Professional Workforce which delivers Great Results.

5. Costs. An intern costs you about $12-15 / hour, which, at 30 hours / week, means up to $450 / week, which is often more than a good Agency asks for Professional Social Media Market-ing Services.

6. Results. An Irrelevant, Inconsistent Social Media Strategy, which doesn’t emphasize with your Brand’s Audience might often do more Harm than No Social Media presence at all. Consumers are more and more Educated Nowadays and they Lose Trust in a Brand which doesn’t Share their Values or which doesn’t Communicate Effectively. If your Social Media Person lacks Professionalism, this will affect how your Company is Perceived and lead to an Image Crisis which will affect your Sales. A person with No Experience and No Supervisors may put your brand through negative Situations which will cost you money to fix, while a So-cial Media Marketing Agency has the Professional Maturity to foresee and avoid them.

7. An Intern will consistently need your Help with Understanding the Brand and Products, while also require your constant Approval. This will keep you Busy and won’t allow you to Focus on the Parts of your Business that you need to grow and Work on, to Generate Good Profits. You will have to Answer Emails, Make Decisions and Give Directions, which will take up your time. An Agency, on the other hand, takes all the pressure off the Client’s shoulders.

So, next time you need someone to Manage your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Insta-gram profiles at an Affordable Price, don’t make any decision before weighing in your options and analyzing what each party has to offer. And, of course, if you are looking for the #1 Social Media Marketing Company in CA, contact TweetAngels.

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