I think we can all agree that social media is an integral part of a successful business, whether small, medium, or large. However, if you are like most business owners, your obligations to your business are much grander than simply sitting on social media trying to figure out what the most recent algorithm on Facebook is. Now, before anyone begins to throw in the towel, proclaiming it too complex, hard, or challenging, perhaps you should consider bringing in the experts. You see, a social media manager could not only help take control over a company’s social media presence, that can make a lasting impact, improving business relations with consumers and increase quality leads. In today’s article, we are going to share with you exactly how hiring a social media manager can make a difference, saving you time and money. Isn’t that one great combination?
  1. Posting Content
Let’s be honest, a business cannot truly thrive unless it’s on social media. Today, consumers will not even visit a restaurant or store if they are not active on social media. Ask yourself, have you ever looked to see if a company was on social media and, if they weren’t, you thought they were not serious? So, it’s critical that your company has an active social media account on each platform. In light of this, one of the most time-consuming aspects of social media is having to post consistent material, every day, sometimes three for four times a day. Now, partner this across three of four social media platforms, and that’s a part-time job in itself. So, rather than having you spent countless hours trying to study the avenue of social media marketing and content development, a social media manager can make your life that much easier. These are trained and seasoned individuals who understand that social media marketing and posting is more than simply creating a nice sounding sentence and hitting the post. In fact, a proper social media manager will know precisely how to communicate your brand’s message effectively so that your target audience will not only see the post but respond and engage. In hiring a social media manager, it can help elevate time usually spent on social media.
  1. Staying Ahead of the Curve
Social media marketing is an ever-evolving machine. It’s constantly growing with new algorithms, software, and technology. For a business to thrive with social media marketing, it’s critical that the company stays ahead of the curve, studying all the recent trends and fads. Now, if you do not currently have a social media manager, it becomes a business owner’s responsibility to stay ahead of the marketing curve. Now, unless you have a Masters or higher in marketing, chances are, you might not have a clue as to what the algorithms are saying or how they are changing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. By hiring a social media manager, an expert can eliminate the amount of time otherwise spent scratching your head bald. These individuals understand the industry and are naturally trained to study any new activity on the market.
  1. Responding to Customers
Once you decide to go on social media, you need to be prepared to communicate and respond to customers, whether they are positive remarks or negative. Now, all of this is strategical. How a business handles their communication with one customer will be seen by all future customers, setting a precedence. In addition to this, with the bigger your target audience is, the more time consuming it can be responding to the customer. And, the importance of responding to customers is VITAL. You never want to make your customers wait; otherwise, they will gladly tout and boast about your competition a day later. They might even share proof of a company’s lack of communication. To avoid any of this social media marketing backlash, which can impact business in a deeper way, a social media manager can help out. These individuals are trained and understand how to communicate effectively with your consumers. Not only can they help monitor customer engagement, they can help increase the PR for your business locally.
  1. Measuring and Tracking Analytics
Next to posting new content every day, having to measure and track analytics can not only be boring and mundane, it can incredibly time consuming and confusing. If you are not trained or have never taken an online course in social media marketing, then you should not be getting involved with social media marketing analytics. This statistical data should only be used by professionals who understand how to make the numbers work for a business. Otherwise, the hours and money spent on campaigns are ultimately wasted. This is one of the main reasons why any business that plans to get involved in social media marketing should hire a social media manager. These professionals understand the metrics and can make the numbers work in your favour, boosting profits, rather than working against you, harming profits. Time Wasted Spent Elsewhere You see, all of these activities that we mentioned above are a total waste of time for a business owner. Your goal is to run a business, not run a social media marketing campaign. This could not be truer for business owners that have no experience in the marketing industry. In many cases, business owners believe they can handle their own social media marketing efforts, either hiring a family member or doing it themselves. Now, what many owners don’t consider is the amount of effort, precision, and time that goes into social media marketing and management. Since there are only 24 hours in one day, 9 hours which are considered working hours, a business owner could find themselves wasting their time away on social media, offering no signs of ROI. When you make the choice towards hiring a social media manager, for some of the reasons listed above, not only can the social media manager perform the tasks in a more effective manner – it frees up your time. From there, you can take that time wasted and spend it elsewhere, maybe somewhere your business might need. From there, while you have a trained professional working on your digital marketing efforts, you can do what business owners do best  – run the business.
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