The fast growth that twitter had in the last years has made it an excellent place for business and marketers to advertise their products/brands and create awareness about them while drastically increasing their sales. Twitter following system is based on the following systems from blogs, when you follow a blog, you receive notifications when there… Read more »

It is a new age of social media and even Twitter and Facebook aren’t enough for marketing your brand even when they’re a must have.  Pinterest is becoming a huge place where people find new products they like every day, so if you haven’t exploited this source of new customers, then, you must try it… Read more »

Nowadays is fundamental for a business to be on the social networks, but why? Well, according to  a study 74% of the internet users, uses a social network on a daily basis, but what does this means? To say it simple: Social Networks are the new best place to advertise making the TV the second… Read more »

Facebook is the biggest social network nowadays with more than 1.3 billion users and a growing rate of 22% yearly, that’s a lot of people, and for marketers this is a great place to do some advertising and make your business as successful as you dreamed. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook owner) saw the endless possibilities that… Read more »

As social networks evolve, we become more able to integrate them, and then we can get the best out of them. A perfect SM strategy should include a YouTube channel, why? Well, YouTube channels have great rate of growth, as people share your videos with friends, who doesn’t have time for a short video. We’ll… Read more »

Being responsible of a web community like a Facebook page or a Twitter account is something that must be boarded with care, a bad management of these and you may grow a bad reputation on-line which can be troublesome for your business.   Here’s a great and simple advice for starters: You must adapt to… Read more »

  It’s very known that twitter, the micro-blogging site has become one of the most popular social networks to promote yourself as a professional or a business(besides Linked In), but this is more complicated than it looks like. To successfully grow a twitter community of die-hard followers (those followers that will love your tweets and… Read more »

It’s vital for you and your brand to have a great Social Media presence, it is not    only about “being there”, but “how are you being there”. High quality communication with your followers is essential, creating relationships with them must be your principal goal in your social networks as well as trying to create… Read more »

LinkedIn may not be the most attractive of social networks but it is the most important, at least for professionals. For 2013 LinkedIn had a total of 277 million of members and with a growth of 35% last year it’s a really good choice if you are looking to revalue yourself as a professional or… Read more »

With a community of more than 200 million users, Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social networks, and just last November they have introduced an ad system to their platform! Now, that’s a great place to find a lot of costumers! But, how do you make the best out of your Instagram account?… Read more »

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