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When it comes to social competition and brand development, the numbers never lie. Therefore, it has become a trend to “buy” active followers across every platform. From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram, the talk about ‘buying’ followers is nothing new. Yet, many are unaware as to what the benefits are and why should businesses are doing? Let us talk about the 10 reasons you should buy active Instagram followers today. Get ready Instagrammers – because you are about to make a lot of friends!

Is Buying Active Instagram Followers ‘Authentic’?

This question is only one you can answer and before you can even begin the process, it is important to figure out why you want to buy active Instagram followers in the first place. The one widely accepted reason why a company or person would want to buy active Instagram followers is to enhance their brand. With a large social following comes many perks and opportunities, perks we will talk about in the list below. But, is buying Instagram followers ‘authentic’? Only you can answer this question.

10 Reasons to Buy Active Instagram Followers

Reason #1 – Activity, Activity, Activity

When it comes to buying active Instagram followers, one of the goals and results is an increased activity level. Without a doubt, a person that has 500 active Instagram followers has a lower activity level than a person with 5,000 active Instagram followers. The more active Instagram followers, the more activity you receive on your Instagram such as; more follows from their followers, more likes, more comments, more clicks, and increased algorithm stats.

Reason #2 – Grow Your Presence

A brand, company, or person with a large following on Instagram, or at least an increased following is in the phase of “growing their presence.” This is all a part of Instagram account management development process. This means, you are climbing up the ladder of being noticed. Your presence is valuable. By having a large number of followers that means your opinion is important, what you share is valuable, and your presence is being noticed by those that want YOUR opinion.

Reason #3 – Keep A Good Reputation

With a large following, think of yourself as ‘somewhat’ famous. This means that you must keep a great reputation with your followers. Reply to them, like their photos, comment on their posts, and now-and-then follow a couple of them. This builds a relationship with your followers that transcends towards other relationships that may benefit your brand and your business. The goal is to not just buy Instagram followers, but to keep them.

Reason #4 – Be Seen by Your Follower’s Followers

Instagram, like many social media’s is a network of individuals; creatives and artists that love a photo-based community. Therefore, this network can become quite a large following by every follower that you receive. When one of your followers likes your picture/post, their followers can see this on their Instagram page under the “Following” tab – or you might just pop up under their “search” section.

Reason #5 – Increased Website Visits

Whether you are a musician, painter, actor, photographer, baker, or everything in=between, a large active Instagram following can result in increased website visits. Like many social medias, Instagram allows you to include a link in your bio – a link which is used for marketing purposes. It is not new that an artist will post their latest work – photograph, song, recipe, etc. – and then include the call to action, “link in the description.” In turn, their website visits increase which means better Google algorithms and ranking all because that company bought active Instagram followers.

Reason #6 – Better Website Sales

Alongside increased website visits, you never know which of these Instagram followers will be interested in whatever product you have to sell or are marketing. If your brand or company is in the field of sales, an Instagram account with a larger following with an appealing Instagram feed can mean more money in your pocket. This is the system of advertisement that is often overlooked; buy Instagram followers, gain an even larger following from their followers, receive website visits, receive website sales, make money. And who does not love a bit of cash in their pocket?’

Reason #7 – Brand Exposure on The Search Page

The infamous search page on Instagram is where followers go to see what is the latest and greatest as well as what is being recommended due to their likes, comments, and who they are following. With this in mind, say you happen to buy active Instagram followers. One of those Instagram followers is Bob. if Bob is following you and he likes your picture, this picture will show up on Bob’s friend Stacey’s Instagram, and Stacey is not following you just yet. How dare Stacey not follow you! Well, no fear here, Stacey will then see your picture on her Search page and she will think, “Oh this is cool!” and follow you. Boom, you just gained a new follower. Remember to thank Bob!

Reason #8 – Become an Influencer

Influencer marketing has become the new way of indirect marketing. As an influencer, your goal is to share products that you feel are in alignment with your brand with all your followers. How do I get paid to share a product? you ask. Well, you first must have a large following enough for you to become recognized by certain brands – hence why it’s beneficial to buy active Instagram followers. Simultaneously, you can also reach out to certain brands and companies that require as little as 5,000 followers for you to become and influencer! With this said, do what you love and share what you love while also making money. The only way to get there is through a large Instagram following and buying active Instagram followers can help.

Reason #9 – Supplement Other Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a rollercoaster that at times can be quite unpredictable. One minute a social media strategy is at the top of the charts, another minute a new tech-marketing skill is hitting the map. With this in mind, the only thing that stays true is your following and with a large following that trusts you – you can lead them anywhere. By buying active Instagram followers you are fast forwarding from ‘problem’ into solution. The problem of gaining followers won’t exist and the solution of having them is here – your next step is to enhance your brand and build trust.

Reason #10 – Build Trust Among All Social Networks with Just 1 – Instagram

With a large following on one social network, it is without a doubt that it can leak over to other networks once trust is established. Build trust with your followers, show them the authenticity of your brand, get to know them and they will be interested in getting to know you. Creating a large network of followers takes time, dedication, and a genuine interest in what your followers ‘need.’ Build a trust in that this need, you can supply to your followers. In turn, they will seek you out on other networks.


To buy active Instagram followers is a form of proper Instagram account management and also a smart investment in your brand and company. Whether you are selling a product, service, or yourself, brand exposure is the pedestal in which the art of supply and demand is painted. In light of this, each individual brand is taking strides towards exposure to get their name and product out in to the world, and it all stands at the hands of – one word – followers! What steps are you willing to take?