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Our content development phase is crucial to the success of your campaign. A research period of 3-5 Days used to look into your company’s best ranking keywords. This also includes researching important things that are happening in your industry, becoming familiar with industry specific terms, trends, and crafting the tone and voice for your Social Media Content.



Creating Custom Content. (Sales, Events, Infographics, Humor, News, Video Content, Contests, etc) When people come to your Social Media profiles they have something relevant to their interests; to read and engage in and share in their Newsfeed. To let potential customers know about your brand and why they should choose you! In turn, assisting in the chances of your Account going Viral and increasing brand visibility. We will also be running Social Media Contests to increase your Social Media Engagement.



We get you REAL Active Targeted Followers and Likes on all the Social Media Platforms. INCLUDED IN YOUR CAMPAIGN. We will reach out to your Targeted Demographic. We will be Branding and Building your Audience daily. Targeted by Professions, Interests, Keywords, etc.



Direct messaging and tagging users to get them to engage in what you have to offer. Using custom Hashtags to increase engagement and visibility. Responding to Customer Questions and inquiries.



(FREE $50 Facebook Ad Spend Budget, can be
increased more if desired)
We will create Targeted Advertisements on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram to increase visibility, increase website Traffic and boost posts.



A сollective report showing your Fan Base Growth, Engagement
Rates and the highest rated content engagements.


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Monthly Email Newsletter


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    As soon as you are ready to begin your campaign, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager that ensures the success of your social media presence. Your social media manager will work with you to consolidate your goals and expectations and create a strategy to make them a reality.
    At the start of your campaign, your social media accounts will be created or revamped for success. Our graphic designers will create stunning headers and profile pictures that resonate well with your audience and your profile will be optimized to increase leads and customers for your business.
    We take time and consideration to create the best content strategy for your social media accounts. You can expect content centered around your business that either informs, engages or inspires your audience. This mix of content will allow your brand to reach anyone in your target demographic and have them truly understand what you have to offer. Our clients are encouraged to share all pictures and videos that they have with us so that we may put them to best use for the growth of their campaign. If you do not have a ton of media to share with us, no problem. We study your industry enough to provide relevant content to your audience while you continue to run your business.
    Awareness of your business is extremely important to the growth of your business. There are two ways to grow an audience: paid advertising and organic growth. We use all methods available to ensure your brand is noticed.
    Social media advertising includes the creating, monitoring and optimizing of your social media advertising campaigns that target potential buyers to 1) connect with your brand or 2) go to your website or 3) drive sales. Social media advertising is the cheapeast form of advertising. It is our mission to help you reach as many people for the lowest cost possible.
    Search or Display Advertising on Google, YouTube, or Bing networks puts your brand in front of current and potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for a company like yours. We take on the responsibility to do competitive and keyword analysis, create timely and engaging ads, monitor your ads for quality assurance and optimize your ads to ensure that your business goals are being met. As always, it is our mission to get you the most views and clicks for the lowest cost possible and to help you rank above your competitors.
    Many businesses fail to realize the negative effects on sales. Even worse than having negative reviews about your brand posted online is having negative reviews about your brand posted online and not responding in a timely manner. All of your brand reviews and comments will be taken care of in a timely and strategic manner.
    To be sure that you remain happy, you will have scheduled calls with your Account Manager on a monthly basis to discuss the current results and direction of your campaign. This also gives us the time to build meaningful relationships with our clients. We don’t look at ourselves as your marketing company, we are your strategic partner.

    Comments from our clients

    Great results from Tweet Angels. They completed a complicated, targeting program ahead of time.

    Great results from Tweet Angels. They completed a complicated, targeting program ahead of time.

    Social Media Management

    A lot goes into social media management. From content, to analytics, when done correctly your social media channels are the best way to connect to potential customers and build brand or company awareness. If you’re looking to expand your reach, choose a social media management team that knows how to craft fresh content, handle reputation management, and grow your audience using specific techniques developed just for your business. The right social media marketing company will deliver the results you expect.

    At TweetAngels, we have created a specific approach for growing your social media channels. Through cleverly crafted content, timely social media posts, Targeted Follower and Like increasing, User Engagement and monthly reporting to show you the progress we’ve made. We approach each step of the social media process with careful consideration and dedication. We offer a range of social media marketing services, including Instagram marketing services.
    Here are a few ways we help your business grow socially.

    Your content is one of the most important keys to getting followers, increasing engagement and getting your business viewed on social media. We take the time to research keywords specifically for your company that’ll draw attention, boost your SEO and increase your click-through rate.

    This includes crafting content based on trends and updates in your industry, sharing articles from reputable sources, creating contests to get your audience involved in the process, and sharing images watermarked with your company logo.

    We’ll also spend time drafting content that suits your tone and voice. And working with you to ensure your brand message is coming across and meets your current social needs.

    Your high quality content deserves to be seen by as many people as possible which is why the right social media manager will know the right times to share your posts. They’ll also know if each post should be seen by everyone or only by specific audience members like women between the ages of 25 and 35.
    There are certain times of the day that have more high-volume traffic than others so knowing exactly when these times are is essential in getting your content seen and engaged with.  Our team can help you post the best content for your audience, this includes, sales images, infographics, the latest news in your industry, events and more.

    Your social media manager will spend time answering questions, communicating with customer mentions and posts to page, and seek out potentials followers through keyword and hashtag searches. This all helps boost page engagement and exposes users to your voice and brand personality.

     It is also important to engage in online communities and social mediagroups and other relevant areas that’ll get in front of relevant users you could turn into customers.
     When it comes to growing your page likes and followers TweetAngels takes several approaches. We target real followers based on interests, professions, and age, amongst other demographics when posting content that you want going to specific audiences. This helps you get real, active followers who are going to engage with your brand based on their other interests. We will also use social media ads to target real followers that are perfect for your brand. We will set up several campaigns and monitor their results based on keywords, visibility and website traffic analytics.
    Users are constantly going to social media to voice their opinions, dissatisfaction and concerns with brands and businesses. Monitoring your social media pages and other outlets like Google or Yelp for positive and negative reviews is important for your business reputation. If there’s a negative review, your social media manager would be the one to talk with the reviewer and connect them to someone on your business team who can help their situation. For positive reviews your manager would respond positively and thank the reviewer for their feedback.
    Both negative and positive reviews and posts should never be ignored. Prompt responses show that your business cares for its audience and their experience with your products or service.
    In order for both you and your social media manager to know if the approach you’re taking is right one you both have to review your social media channel’s analytics. This shows you the number of impressions you got for a single month, the number of new followers and information about each posts engagement.
    This collective report shows you exactly what is working and what your audience engages with the most so you know exactly what approach to take the following month.
    Social media marketing isn’t for everyone. It’s a big time commitment if you want to see results. But they right team can help your business increase its brand awareness, get new prospective customers and create a conversation that’ll help your brand credibility.