Although many critics have touted the slight downfall of Twitter, the reality is that Twitter is a phenomenal tool for successful business marketing. If you are desiring, for your business, to generate leads, grow your brand, engage with more active Twitter followers, and increase your reach, Twitter allows you to do that. With an active Twitter user based of around 300 million, your starting business cannot afford to not be on Twitter. No matter what type of business you are starting, whether it is freelance journalism, a photography business, retail, or an inspiring influencer, Twitter’s goal is to engage one on one with users. These users will eventually become your followers, and in due time they will become your leads! Therefore, it is important before you blindly download the Twitter app and create your business account, that you take note of these many successful tips that have helped brands go from aspiring retail stores, to global brands. When wanting to achieve social media success the key is to study, learn, practice, and repeat.

1. Your Twitter Profile Says It All

As a brand, think of your Twitter profile in terms of appealing to your audience. Create your bio, header, and profile picture in a way that appeals to your specific audience. Think of your brand as the place where your audience huddles together for a specific goal; whether it is shopping, engaging, receiving news, or admiring your content, your audience must be attracted to your Twitter profile. Your profile says a lot about your brand. Having intention, positive, and emotionally-engaging content ensures that your active Twitter followers that you care about them and are not going to incessantly market your work. It has to have meaning! NOTE: Include a website link in your bio. This link will be a lead magnet for new followers. Profile Tips: • Use your company logo in your profile picture. • Add a specific hashtag (#) that is synonymous with your brand. • Add a short bio with links. • Include photos that tie it all together.

2. Build A Community of Followers

If you want to capture the attention of your specific Twitter target audience it is important to define who your go-to clients, customers, users, or followers are. Once you do this, you must first, follow them! No one will come to know your brand unless you go to them first. Begin following your customers, friends, colleagues, influencers in similar fields, and other informative users. This does not mean spam them or follow every person you come across. The chances of them following you back is highly probable, which then you can use to meaningfully share your content. NOTE: Follow the competition’s active followers and begin engaging with them. This will give your brand insight as to what their social media habits are. Building A Community Tips: • Post tweets about up and coming changes, celebrations, events, products, or announcements about your brand. • Follow back the people who follow you. • Stay connected and always reply, follow, and retweet. • Interact with people.

3. Share Interesting Content and Images

Although Twitter only allows for 140*characters during each Tweet, photos and videos speak a thousand or more words. (*If testing goes well, Twitter will have a character limit of 280 words) Therefore, only post interesting, engaging, visually appealing, beautiful, and meaningful content that your audience will enjoy. This takes time and dedication as you get to know what your audience likes and retweets the most. With that, retweet content that you know correlates to your brand directly from your active Twitter followers. This is a great way to start a conversation with other users and potentially reach a bigger target audience. NOTE: Emoji’s and hashtags are only to be used when they serve a purpose. Do not spam emoji’s or hashtags to your followers. Sharing Content Tips: • Think about your audience first. • Create in terms of what they will enjoy. • Images and videos receive a lot of shares. • Humor and witty content appeals to a young crowed.

4. Be Engaged and Active

Think of Twitter as a face-to-face conversation with your followers. In 140 characters you can seamlessly say whatever you desire when it comes to your brand. However, the conversation does not stop there. Engage with your active followers by asking them questions, engaging with their content, and retweeting their replies. This requires for you to create your own Twitter marketing strategy. The intention behind this goal is achieve more active twitter followers and generating leads through numerous methods; re-tweets, replies, favorites, and mentions. Ultimately, it requires hands on work, not automatic reply software, or automatic re-tweets; your followers will think of this as spammy. NOTE: Do not only Tweet one time a day. Tweet multiple posts, multiple times daily. Engaging Tips: • Shore tweets get more engagement. • Start conversations in Twitter Chat that are intriguing and meaningful. • Never start a conversation by boasting your brand, showcasing a new product, or giving away something free. Hook their attention through meaningful content and conversations.

Twitter is an Engagement Zone

Twitter is the social media that allows you to directly engage with your users in a short and simple way. This method, when achieved purposely and met with success ensures that you will be receiving many active Twitter followers from the 300 million+ people pie that makes up Twitter. With that said, there is always room for growth and your brand will succeed once these meaningful tips are put to use. Here are a handful of other tips that will make a world of a difference when wanting to appeal to more active Twitter users. • Use hashtags when appropriate, but do not swamp your content with them. Also, search up hashtags that are relevant to your brand and see how well of an audience they have. • Automate your tweets. Earlier, we mentioned, do not automate your re-tweets or replies. These should be organic replies in a timely manner. However, automating your tweets will save you a lot of time which you can invest in other methods. • Give credit to content that you feel adds value to your brand. This is a great way to engage with more users. • Be consistent. This ensures followers that you are part of the social media scene and your brand can keep up with the ever-changing times that are social media.
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