Susan Mead

Twitter Followers 102K
Instagram followers 20.3K
Facebook Likes 17.7K

After 5 months of targeted Twitter, Facebook and Instagram support, author and Chaplain Susan Mead has successfully grown her connections into the tens of thousands. Over 100K added followers at Twitter (including nearly 25K ‘favorites’) and a similar 10-fold jump at Facebook was seen in less than two quarters.

The strategy involved finding just the right elements of Mead’s work, including self help books and motivational speaking, and to bring that content to life through her social media feeds. At the same time we developed a plan involving outside content, from magazine articles to breathtaking art, all designed to provide a visual and contextual experience built around faith, family and work. Guest posting through other websites and blogs was encouraged and subsequently promoted. A calendar of the most effective posting schedules was implemented, with an eye toward her themes of uplifting spirits and encouraging real change in people’s lives.

Mead’s postings now quickly find themselves shared across hundreds of feeds, offering the prospect of new followers, and indeed new customers.