We can all agree that social media is one of the greatest inventions known to man. Not only has it allowed for people around the world to connect – it has given businesses a new outlet to market and target customers in a brand new way. However, perhaps you can also agree that posting on social media, developing images, and communicating with active social media followers is time-consuming. If you have noticed a sudden decrease in other areas of your business because of the amount of time spent on social media – you are not alone. Yet – does not need to be this way. There is one simple service that can make a significant difference for a company’s time management – and on their return on investments. Rather than spending all of your own personal time on social media – perhaps it’s time to consider hiring a social media management company or individual. In today’s article, we are going to share some valuable inside behind how social media management can improve your brand’s ROI – are you ready?
  1. Social Advertising
If you are like most business owners, chances are – you tried to figure out your own social media marketing campaigns. Whether this meant hosting your own Facebook Advertising campaign or launching a series of Instagram advertisements – how successful were your attempts? You see, it’s a grave mistake that many business owners make – thinking that they can just “guess and hope”. Unless you are professionally trained in marketing or social media advertising – any attempt at improving business through advertising on social media is a waste of time and money. Now, social media managers are well-versed in the lingo and jargon of social media. These individuals can help not only create more stable social media marketing campaigns – they might even advise against it unless a company brings in a special social media marketer. In this, social media managers can help save a business potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of spending by offering well-constructed advice and feedback.
  1. Time Spent Costs
As we have discussed earlier in this article, one of the biggest expenses that come from performing your own social media is the time spent trying to learn the ropes of social media, training under other social media stars, or trying to drive the results. Now, we understand that many businesses don’t want to hire a social media manager because they “think” it’s a costly expense. However, what’s more costly is the amount of time that a business owner spends trying to figure out social media marketing and management. You see, social media management is not simply posting something once a day. There is a science and art to social media management, which means a company should not hire a family member to sit on their phone all day either. With that being said, by bringing on board the experts, a qualified social media manager, they can take the reigns of a company’s social media presence and transform it. By doing so, not only can this help relieve a lot of the stress and tension of having to learn and train – it will allow a business owner to focus back on what matters the most: the business as a whole. You see a business owner has a responsibility to run and oversee the entire function of a business -not spend 4-5 hours a day on social media. Delegate that works to people who do it for a living.
  1. Performance and Expertise
If none of these reasons has been convincing enough thus far – then you need to begin addressing the reality of the situation. Unless you have a specialized degree in marketing or social media marketing – it’s not your expertise. With that being said, when social media marketing and management is not an individual’s speciality – it will directly impact results, performance, and return on investment. So, what we are trying to say is that, unless you are knowledgeable and trained in the arts of social media management and marketing – you are not achieving the results that you could be if you hired a dedicated social media manager. Keep in mind, social media management is not just about posting content and scheduling it through-out the week or month. These individuals are trained to track the progress or digression of posts, study the analytics and demographics, and develop new content that is designed to appeal to the analytics. Additionally, these individuals understand the language needed to communicate effectively with a target audience. Oh, what if you don’t have a target audience developed yet either? Lucky for you, by hiring a social media manager, these individuals can either create a custom target audience for you – or work with you to do so. At the core of hiring a social media manager – you are hiring and bringing in the experts. Like a business owner understands the ideology behind profits or improving the bottom line – a social media manager understands how to bring a business the results that they are seeking. The Social Media Management Trend of 2018 There is a reason why your competition sought the professional help of social media managers – it’s a trend and almost any small, medium, and large business is following suit. In truth, business owners are starting to realize and place heavy value not only on their time but hiring an individual to take care of the social media efforts. The opportunities and advantages of improving the return on investment in marketing could be profound! Imagine elevating that thought from your mind on the daily basis and what that would entail.
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