Without a doubt, Instagram has become one of the largest social networking communities in the world. With this said, Instagram is still growing their network of creative individuals with their added Go Live and Add To Story feature. Once a photo-based community for cute puppy pictures and fancy cupcakes, Instagram has become a popular network for everyone from architecture to motivational speakers and book club lovers. This is in part due to their dedication to create a simple and fun way to capture moments. However, what if you plan to become the next best brand on Instagram? What are some tips and tricks to get your Instagram noticed, other than utilize the super effective method of buying followers? We are here to discuss that. Let’s begin!

Tip #1 – Know Your Brand and Stick With It

Have you taken the time to thoroughly think about what your brand is about? This is where critical Instagram account management comes into play. Have you taken the time to generate posting ideas that are synonymous with each other? Whether you are a blogger dedicated to posting the most ornate flower centerpieces or a single mother who creates majestic designs out of milk froth, knowing your brand is the key to proper targeted social media marketing. Instagram Account Management: Steps to Know Your Brand and Sticking with It 1. Thoroughly write down what your brand is about and what you intend to post. What service are you offering? What need are you supplying? What type of photos are you going to be posting? 2. For proper posting, you should know what hashtags are in your niche. This is of primary importance in Instagram account management. Come up with a list of the hashtags that other like-minded brans are using and take note of how many likes or comments these type of specific photo and hashtags receive. 3. What photo styles will you be posting? Are you posting more “news-like” photos and videos or are you an all #flatlay type of poster? It is important to pick a style and go with it. It does not mean you don’t post outside the lines, but it means you also are not a wild animal at the zoo posting random pictures of cats and garbage trucks. Stay within your theme. It may be worth studying your active Instagram followers and figuring out what posts they enjoy. 4. Are you going to go with one filter or numerous filters? It is important that no matter the post, all your pictures and videos are in tip top shape – which means sharp and clear! 5. Keep a posting schedule. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of posting on Instagram regularly. With this you will not fall of the map and slowly but surely get yourself noticed.

Tip #2 – Get to Know The Latest Apps That Enhance Your Instagram Brand

Whether it is a new video editing app coming out or a cool collage style photo editing software, it is important to get to know the latest apps that allow for further enhancement of your Instagram brand and is also appealing to your active Instagram followers. The Perfect Example: A perfect example of an app that will enhance your Instagram brand experience is an app that goes by the name of Boomerang. Acting as a short video back and forth looper, Boomerang is an app that instantly broke the charts among fan favorite apps. Why is Boomerang so popular? Quite simple, it was unique, different, and user friendly. Boomerang allowed Instagram users to create something completely different than the typical photo and videos. Boomerang allows users, brands, and companies to get creative. Keep in mind that some apps may not work with your brand style. Therefore, always test the app, the market, your active Instagram followers, how they react, and what the app is best suited for. If it does match your brand, then go for it. Otherwise, stick with what works for now! Note: Most apps that become popular due to their user-ability with Instagram have their own hashtags (#). Therefore, never forget to # the name of the app or you are missing on the ability to of receiving active Instagram followers.

Tip 3 – It Is a Give and Take Relationship

We cannot stress enough the importance of engagement for proper Instagram account management. Instagram is a user-based experience with engagement at the forefront of the Instagram community. All marketing and posting without responses from your followers may lead to a poor reputation among the Instagram community. It is important to take note of your active Instagram followers and notice what they like and they don’t like, as well as notice what they comment on the most. With this said, a few replies here and there to your followers goes a long way. It tells them that behind the Valencia filtered apple cupcake posts you have been posting is an actual human. This type of relationship leads to active Instagram followers that will continue their faithful relationship with your brand. You can bet that once they like and comment on your photos, you follower’s followers will also see this display of Instagram brand recognition and in turn, follow you. With that said, it is important that you and your brand show the same recognition to other brands and users. Search up your favorite hashtags or hashtags that are in alignment with your brand and take the time to like and comment on their photos. This small step can lead to bigger opportunities such collaborations, financial opportunities, social media networking and influencer marketing.

Tip #4 – Stay Patient

Many people may overlook this simple trick that goes along way. Many Instagram brands and users think that it happens overnight, and it can but once you have passed many nights. With this said, it is important that you stick to your brand theme, your posting style, your technique, and proper Instagram account management and networking if you expect your brand to grow from a 300 following feed to feed of 30k or more.

Instagram Account Management

With this said, it’s worth mentioning that you can allows just buy active Instagram followers! Regardless what step you take, it is important to keep in mind that you will build a following and get yourself noticed eventually, once you take the proper and necessary steps to building a brand worth being recognized. Stick with it and you will notice your weekly Instagram followers will increase.
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