When a brand or person hears about the idea of boosting their active twitter followers within 30 days, they are somewhat sceptical. The reason being is that to the novice Twitter user, it seems like a farfetched idea. However, with a proper content strategy plan and marketing tactic, it is somewhat easy to boost your active twitter followers in that amount of time. Now, it is vital that this process that is not rushed. The reason being is that it takes time to assess the market, develop proper content, and take time to notice results. But, with a patient and well-executed strategy, it can be done. We are eager to share with you a handful of tips to boost your active twitter followers in 30 days.

Before The Boost

Now, before the boost can occur or as a brand you even start the process, it is important to have all ducks lined up in a row. Meaning, everything needs to be in proper order before you can begin posting, tracking, and noticing results. To help you prepare, we have a short list of important “to-dos” to ensure that the audience you are trying to reach not only pays attention to the content but also sticks around for more.
  1. Ensure Your Profile Is Ready
The profile of a brand is the way in which an audience will get an overview of what that brand is about, their mission, and the type of content they post. Therefore, your profile needs to be ready for the type of material that will showcase your brand in the best light. To better prepare your profile, follow this to do list:
  • Have a high-quality profile picture.
  • Have a high-quality cover image.
  • Include an about section with a link to either your website or a landing page associated with your Twitter.
  • Already have a couple of posts up that are engaging, visually appealing, ask questions, and includes hashtags.
  1. Follow 100+ Relevant Popular Accounts In Your Niche
Many social media experts will go against the idea of following people just so they follow back. This is a true perspective because there will be no engagement happening in the process. However, the first 100 people that you follow will be beneficial for two major reasons.
  1. They Supply Beneficial Content
For your brand to have beneficial content to repost you have to follow brands that have quality content that they post. Therefore, following active popular accounts in your specified niche gives you permission to repost their content, which will only add to your engagement strategy.
  1. They Give You An Entry Way Into More Followers
By following brands in your niche that specify in the area of content that you are posting, it gives you an insightful look as to how people to react to that content. This is beneficial because it allows you to specify your content strategy and develop a clear approach to reach more active Twitter followers in those 30 days.

Boosting Your Active Twitter Followers In 30 Days

Now that you have prepared your profile and started making some friends, it is important to line up your content strategy and boost-plan before you start making headway. With that in mind, the following tactics are used as methods to boost your active twitter followers in 30 days.
  1. Discover The Best Tweet Time
When posting on Twitter, it is essential for maximum exposure and reach of content to post at the right time. The Social Bro premium Twitter tool allows for brands and individuals to get an insightful look at their audience’s Twitter time. Essentially, you can track when your audience is on the most, how much they retweet and engage, and then develop a Twitter posting strategy from that.
  1. Curate Engaging Content
When it comes to Twitter, content is king. The app works in a Feed style method, showing a user the latest and great conversations, posts, images, and videos at that moment. Therefore, it is vital to curate content that captures the eye, especially when starting out. When it comes to curating content, visually appealing images and videos say more than one simple post. They capture the eye and entice active twitter followers to share the post. With this in mind, it is important to engage your content in a way that speaks to either rational thinkers, emotional thinkers, or artistic thinkers. This is done by simple trial and error. If you notice that a more rational post is trending for that day compared to artistic and emotional, then it is important to switch gears for that moments.
  1. Keep Content Relevant
First of all, never retweet the same content in a month. The reason being is that Twitter is a now-focused environment. Therefore, all content needs to be relevant to what is happening. So, if there is a major sporting event or movie coming out, curate content that is relevant to that specific event. Most importantly, follow this content with hashtags that are trending. This ensures that your reach is even more powerful and your brand branches out to audiences far and wide, with a simple tweet.
  1. Have A Call To Action
One of the most important aspects of boosting your active reach on Twitter is to have a call to action. There is no shame in asking for a little help! Having a call to action starts a conversation with your audience. It lets them know what you are interested in their opinion, what they have to say, and it adds the idea that you might respond. This forms a relationship with your audience. Therefore, having a call to action is highly recommend to boost your active twitter followers.

Patience Is The Key

When developing a proper posting strategy to boost your audience it is important to keep in mind that the first couple days will be an analyzation period. This is the period where you get to fine tune your brands appearance, content, and reach methods. With this in mind, the purpose of Twitter is to post in real time. Therefore, keeping up with it ensures maximum exposure and proper boost!
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